IB TWS's forced upgrade (deadline 20061222)

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  1. The build 863 is less than 2 months old. oh boy...IB kills this baby pretty quick. IB says any build before 864 will be "desupported". What do they mean by desupported? Are they saying older version will still be allowed to run but IB will stop tech support for it? or they are saying older build of TWS won't be allowed to connect after 12/22/06? Is anyone clear on this?
  2. It means "if you have a problem with an earlier build you are on your own - you will be asked to upgrade to a supported build and resubmit the problem is it still exists."

    I happily run 860.9 with no problems and no requirement for support (I also plan to keep windows Xp for quite a while).
  3. Just installed the latest ver.

    So far, my API and auto systems work okay. We'll see how it goes tomorrow, in realtime...
  4. I had lots of trouble with the upgrade. But I was using the TWS software from April. First, I had no tickers in Excel. So I upgraded the API. That fixed the ticker issue, but something changed in the way the calculate FuturesPNL (strangely, it doesn't equal the days change times the position size). So I had to adjust for that as well.

    In the meantime, I tried using their new TWSDde, which I must admit is pretty cool but the account pages weren't updating correctly. Sometimes, only some positions showed up or the entire page went blank. So I'm sticking with the old TWSDde, which has always worked for me. I only trade at Friday's close, so hopefully the order system still works.
  5. anyone having discconect issues with the latest version? I keep losing my quotes and have to exit and log back in. Never had this problem before.
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    my quotes would not restart after the midnight momentary auto-disconnect.
  7. No problems here.

    Looks solid, so far...
  8. Yes, I'm having market data problems as well with this new build. However, I don't use IB as my primary data provider and I'm tired of logging back in, so I'm leaving it as it is for now.
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    yes, for last couple days i have short disconnections all day long. but-ii'm using not latest version, build 858.
    looks like those disconnections not related to build#.
    i also upgrade from 858 to 864 on one computer. works OK so far. i would recommend 864, not latest version of TWS, if it a must.
    also notice, that the 864 reserve much less memory, compared to 858.
  10. I installed 865.2 and it seems to be working fine (US server).

    However, I still am using Java 1.4.1_01.
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