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  1. I wonder if someone can help me. I bought a new PC and downloaded the latest TWS and the sample spreadsheet. Twsdde.xls.
    It links fine however in the ticker sheet, the bid and ask and last values for my symbols are in text format and i cannot do any calculations with these numbers. when i load this file on my other pc it links perfectly and the outputs are values allowing me to perform calculations. On my other pc i have a much older version of TWS running....could this be the problem; that the latest version TWS does not interact with the Twsdde.xls too well?
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  3. Yes, I did all that....I can actually watch the ES trading, the bid and ask and last is changing and so too is the Bid size and ask size. I can perform calculations on the Bid size and ask size but not on the Bid ask or last.
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    What version and service pack of Excel on you running on the new machine versus the old one? Microsoft has changed defaults and added security features over time.

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    Define 'perform calculations'.
    What happens when you try to 'perform calculations' and it doesn't work?
    What should happen if it works?

  6. Hi Jack...sorry only getting back now....I bought a Microsoft office Student and teacher Edition 2003. I bought it n South Africa last year and installed it for the first time now. Maybe i am in breach of their (MS) terms and conditions because of what i am wanting to use it for? Could this be the case?

    Hi JSmith, what i mean is just being able to add a number to that output and getting a result. AT the moment i get #value as a result
  7. Hi Jack...and on my old PC i am using Excel 2003 as well
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    I can't comment with any authority on the MSFT student program packages. As I remember they were not to be used for commercial purposes but could be used for just about anything else. The software does not know what's going on, it's just the legal restraint.

    I'd copy the speadsheet from the working machine to the new machine and see what happens. I don't run the DDE application but IB published a fairly comprehensive document on the Excel application and the API.http://www.interactivebrokers.com/download/DdeExcelApiGettingStarted.pdf
    From what you describe some of the numbers are being imported as text, others as numbers. It sounds like an interface\formating problem. Sorry I couldn't help more.

  9. Simple: Just reformat the cells you are unable to reference as numbers from text to number.
  10. Thanks for all your help everyone. Sywizard, I did try that but it did not work
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