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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by syd697, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. syd697


    Maybe someone can help enlighten me. I've got 3 TWS's on my pc, one for each of 3 accts I watch. All are ver. 854.7 Two of them don't seem to have the columns for "OCA Group" or "P&L" available in the list. For the life of me I can't seem to find where those columns would be listed so I can add them to my TWS. Any help while I wait on hold with cust svc? Thanks.
  2. bpl1000


    i had the same prob.

    under configure -> feature selector

    i hope that helps.
  3. syd697


    That was it. Didn't dig deep enough. Thanks!
  4. alanm


    Do you really mean you've installed TWS 3 times? That's unnecessary. You only need one install and you can run it multiple times.
  5. syd697


    Yes you're right, one install, 3 logins. That's what I meant, alanm.
  6. plugger


    A little off topic but does anyone know about the Web platform offered by IB? I use the TWS but when I'm away from home, I would like to use the web platform but cannot access this (it won't start up). I can't find anything on the IB website which explains this. Thanks in advance.
  7. def

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    on the type right next to "login" there is a drop down menu and web trader is one of the choices.

    also under the software menu, there is a choice for web trader with the sub-menus:
    system requirements

    that should get you started.
  8. rwk


    I think the browser-based version requires Java, and if you are using somebody else's computer, Java may not be installed. Even if it works, I wouldn't recommend trading from somebody else's computer because of security concerns.
  9. ids


    There is a Web Trader and there is a Web-based TWS. They are different creatures. Web Trader does not require Java.
  10. plugger


    Thanks for the replies and information.
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