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    New IB TWS version 787.2 is out. It fixes P & L. Now you have a choice between Unrealized or daily or both.


    See how little it takes to please me
  2. Is it me or ...

    After I upgrade Ib TWS today, my computer seems sluggish, e.g. the mouse does not move smoothly. Win 2K task manager showed some 100% CPU use quite often (don't know how it was before the upgrade).
    When I close TWS, and keep only Esignal, it's fine. When I closed Esignal and keep only TWS, it's sluggish. (no other software running)

    Anyone else have this problem? :confused:

    Cheers!! :confused:



    then tell us all about it

    ps while you're at it diskclean.
  4. Big Show :p

    did, did, did again, did last night.... :D

    The thing is that this morning, my computer was working fine with TWS, untill around after lunch when it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to a new version, and the problem started since.
  5. while you're at it format reboot defrag reboot run netstat reboot play a game reboot then launch TWS. duh

    Memory leaks i guess.
  6. hehehe...

    Seing the lack of replies, I guest it's not TWS, but it's my machine... still don't know what the problems are. I have 512 Meg RAM, Cel 1.7, Win 2K. The Task Manager shows only around 324 Meg of memory used.
    Anyways, when the market closes, I'll take a closer look. Thanks !

    Cheers!! :)
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    If I understand correctly, TWS is written is Java, which is a managed (garbage collected) language.

    Although it is still possible that TWS is not freeing resources correctly, this sort of problem doesn't rear it's head that often as memory leaks do/did in C/C++ (though not C# !)

  8. Thanks Nitro,
    That was what I was afraid of, ... bad Java.
    The sluggish feel I am having now is almost like when I had my Cel 400 (o/c to 500) with 512 Meg ram, using IB demo.
    The problem is that noone else but me who seems to have this problem.
  9. Correct Nitro. It can still happen though. That is not necessarily the reason, but i've heard complaint about TWS new version not updating the P&L correctly.
  10. ... well, I reboot the computer (turn off and on, not just 'restart'), and it seems ok now, Task Manager indicates about 2-10% of CPU usage... including eSignal. The mouse cursor glides through the screen like Tanya Harding on skates (only that name came up in my mind :). However, it's after hour, not much quotes going thru', so who knows.

    Thanks guys ! :)
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