IB TWS won't remember some contracts

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by chisel, Dec 10, 2006.

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    For the past month?, every time I open TWS it has deleted the symbol of one of the stocks I follow. So I type in the symbol and "save settings." Open up TWS the next day and it's missing. Also, since the NQ/ES/YM roll, these three symbols revert back to Dec. even though I've updated them to March and saved the settings. Some other symbols work fine, such as ZC and 1 other stock symbol, but ZF, ZN and ZB have also reverted to Dec. '06 from March '07.

    One more thing, every time I open TWS the "unused features" box appears, even when I check the "don't show UF dialog again." I'm using version 864.7, but I think it happened in a previous version too (at least for the disappearing stock symbol, but that was also after the last roll).

    I'd appreciate any help in fixing this...it's a pain.
  2. try save settings and then restore settings [the saved ones] before logging out.
  3. chisel


    That seems to have solved the problem. THANKS!
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