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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by syd697, May 21, 2003.

  1. syd697


    Anyone using TWS's latest version? Is there a way to get rid of the "Last Login" box at the lower left corner? Don't really want it, need it, or care about the time that I last logged in. Thanks anyone.
  2. minimi


    You are a sucker. Let some log in your account and wipe it out by making cancellations. My suggest to you is, how about do not look at the information.

  3. You're a sucker because you can't compose a sentence with proper english while attacking someone who is asking a legitimate question.

    My suggest to you is, how about take ESL class.
  4. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    Is it just me or does minimi sound exactly like qdz, qdz2, qdz3, qdz4, qdz5, etc. etc. Or did I miss a class?
  5. not only you....:D :D

    ask TM_Direct.. he knows:cool: :cool:
  6. thats there for security reasons. Doubt that you can get rid of it.
  7. minimi


    This time, I particularly will not apologize for my English. That is what I can do so far. So What!

    I meant my suggestion, or I suggest. My instinct never severs me correctly or just mixes up sometimes. And I do try to check and correct everything as best as I can. But you know, I am not a writer. I have trade to take care of. So from time to time, you will catch some errors in my post. That's the fact. I have no reason to deny it.

    It is you who attack me. I didn't meant to attack the original poster. I attack the bloody greedy lazy market marker firms, exchanges, brokers, and people like you A** F ck you!
  8. FinStat


    Ah Yes!!!!! The calm voice of reason :D
  9. Who isn't greedy?!
  10. tmb


    I asked this question on IB's TWS forum and was belittled too. I wasn't criticizing anyone for requesting this feature or for believing it has great security value. I only wanted to know if we had the ability to turn it off, if we so desired. The answer so far seems to be "no".
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