IB TWS v920 optiontrader beta test

Discussion in 'Options' started by trading spaces, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Anybody able to get GCZ1 options up in optiontrader v920? I can get es and si but not gc.
  2. There are significant changes to optiontrader that don't seem to be successful if you choose to upgrade your tws. The option chains that you had before appear in the drop down list but the program now requires the month and year code for the underlying. So GC is in the list but is not an acceptable symbol any longer. There is no way to remove a symbol from the list. I have downgraded, don't have the time to beta test for ib.
  3. Pete - IB

    Pete - IB Interactive Brokers

    Actually, there is a way to remove items from the list:
    * From OptionTrader, click Configure on the toolbar. (If you have hidden the toolbar, click the wrench icon on the Quote Panel line.) The TWS Configuration dialog will open.

    * Select "Quote Panel" in the "OptionTrader" section.

    * Select the "Quote Elements" tab. Items in the drop-down list can be deleted from here.

    Deleting the GC item that does not load properly should solve your problem.
  4. I uninstalled and reinstalled from the full version not upgrade. All appears ok now.