IB ( TWS ) USD.JPY Order presets PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by itisme, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. itisme


    Hello All.
    I have spent the whole day trying to get this to work but couldn't . watched 2 hours IB webex webinar but also could not find a solution .
    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    All what I want is to use the presets forex in IB to get the following
    USD.CAD take profit at 60 pips and stop loss at 30 pips
    USD.JPY take profit at 60 pips and stop loss at 30 pips

    The problem is when dealing with JPY as a part of the pair one pip is 0.01 while in any other pair that does not have JPY one pip = 0.0001

    Please HELP
    I tried to add a ticker USD.JPY but this did not work .
    I tried to use JPY as a ticker but also did not work .

  2. What have you tried so far exactly (step by step)?
  3. itisme


    Configure --> Presets -- > Forex
    Look at the picture
  4. eSan


    Hello itisme,

    Your msg is a couple of weeks old so you may have solved it already.

    The way I handle the jpy is to do exactly what you've done in setting up the presets (I call mine USD.JPY but I'm sure the name makes no difference). Then in the main trading window I turn on the display of the presets column. From that preset column, for each mkt data line with a jpy (usd.jpy, eur.jpy etc), I select the special jpy preset you've just defined. You can hide the presets column when you're done.

    I never use the FXTrader tool since it's useless for me, but there may be a way of defining your preferred preset there as well.

    Hope this helps someone.
  5. Thanks for sharing, i applied it on my usd-jpy on a demo using the same setting as yours, can you suggest what time frame to put? and did you open your trade platform 24 hours?
  6. eSan


    Time frames and 24 trading are not connected with the problem of presets for jpy. My suggested solution is only concerned with how to automatically set up a bracket order in IB when jpy is the quote currency.
  7. how can i set up a bracket order in IB? please give me some ínstruction