IB: TWS Updates ... yay or nay?

Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by tomahawk, Oct 15, 2009.

What do you wish IB would do regarding TWS updates?

  1. Keep 'em coming, they're always great!

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  2. Continue updating, but less frequently and after more rigorous testing

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  3. Stop the updates (>1/yr) as they cause way too many hassles

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  4. I work for IB tech dept. so the more updates the better!

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  1. Bottom line, are they worth the hassles they cause?
  2. Surely there are more than 4 people here who trade through IB.

    Please vote. - Thanks.

    For the record, I voted #3.
  3. Catoosa


    IB devotes a lot of resources to continually improving TWS. I hope their will be no slow down on the improvements and updates.
  4. maxpi


    I was in communication with a software developer recently. He had automated testing of new releases and said that he could produce one a day with no problems.

    Personally, I have no control over TWS updates and I don't want to go to any extra trouble due to their history of breaking things. I also refuse to be their little bitch boy Beta tester.. When I'm forced to upgrade I go to the version before the newest one.. I really never have problems with them that much, I just use third party apps for trading and assume that they have had time to fix whatever IB breaks by the time a release is the second most recent... choosing your third party app wisely helps a lot too... if you learn to discern between well written apps and crapware and you get the good ones, it's likely that they will be able to keep up with the TWS insanity for you...
  5. Do anyone else's settings get corrupted every time there is a forced update? This happens to me EVERY time, which is why I always stay with the "previous" version as long as possible. Apparently you can't save these settings (according to cust. support), so I then have to set up everything again from scratch, and it's a major pain in the a$$.

    It's ridiculous if you ask me. I wish IB would just get their software working right and then leave it alone.
  6. word. this latest forced update has already cost me over $1,000 because i forgot about them changing all precautionary limits to $100,000 (what a joke). scaled into a position and then was denied when i tried to exit. clicked to change settings accidentally and it made my system freeze for almost 15 seconds (something that never happened with old release). once it came back up, i'd gone from up nicely to down over $1,000- so actually, it was more like 1500 from just that one trade.

    i was swearing and calling IB every nasty name i know.
  7. Catoosa


    What you describe is often the result of skipping one or more consecutive updates.
  8. Alex55


    Years ago they had one release every 2 or 3 weeks..now a days its about 1 every month...I think it would be best to take 2 weeks more for rigorously testing TWS, and its API.
  9. nassau


    We agree here also, not everyone needs all the added features.
    Simply works best here.
    898.4 was up loaded on several computers here and we are noticing a lag vs esignal. Esignal moves first and seconds later IB does the catch up.