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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by guidodf, Jun 21, 2001.

  1. guidodf


    Today my automatic update program for TWS informed me that a new release of the program was released, and I downloaded and installed it.
    I would like to know what changed in the new release (bugs fixed, new or enhanced features, etc.) and I wasn't able to find this info anywhere in the program or on IB's site.

    I think it would be useful (very useful) if IB implemented the policy of routinely inform users of changes in new versions/releases of the SW. An easy way to do this would be to create a "Version history" or "What's new" section in the TWS online manual, documenting changes and evolutions of the program build by build.

    Any comment appreciated (especially Def's)


  2. BSAM



    Open your TWS and look at the headings on the contract lines. I think you'll notice some new columns/info.

  3. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    Yes, release notes should ALWAYS be presented.
    It is a pity the feature disappeared from the update TWS standalone program.

    A reminder, it is also possible to have a sneak preview at the next short term release of JWTS there :

    Click on Beta

    Disclaimer : it's a beta so I guess if there is any problem while using it, you're on your own.. [well, if I remember the policy with any version you are on your own :) ]

  4. def

    def Sponsor

    I think updates to the manual lag slightly behind the programming release. If nothing comes out tonight, I'll dig up the info and post here tomorrow morning my time (evening NY).
  5. tradeRX


    Anyone else unable to execute thru BEST ECN the last few days? Ever since I updated TWS, I get a "security not found" response w/BEST ECN. I asked IB about this, but their reply was a bit cryptic and abbreviated.

    Other IB users, has "BEST ECN" been functional the last few days?
  6. tradewiz


    The Best ECN stop working after i upgraded to the
    lastest build of JWS, I've got the same msg "contract not
    find" or something like this.
  7. Mr_F


    Ditto here. Since I upgraded Best ECN does not work.
  8. guidodf


    Same here - luckilly I had the previous installation file (which I will treasure from now on and I managed to undo the update.

    Def. lat us know when this all important bug will be ironed out.


  9. ehlaban


    The bug was solved the same day. There is a new upgrade
    available. The online chat with Customer service is really

    But is still don't know what
    is changed in every new update.

  10. def

    def Sponsor

    I thought an update history was going to be posted. I'll ask again.
    #10     Jun 24, 2001