IB TWS: "The application is now locked"

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by sporky, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. sporky


    can this be disabled?

    there's nothing in help except the ability to use it

    it's a annoying
  2. Bob111


    go to configure->Misc->Lock and Exit->Never lock
  3. This happens when security has closed your account. You'll get a check in a few days Sorry, you'll need a new broker.

    Just kidding :)
    Configure - Lock and Exit
    Click on Never Lock 2nd down
  4. Ah Bob you beat me to it
  5. Bob111


    it is annoying. but what even more annoying that they(IB) change everything ALL the time without give you a warning,note or whatever. usually those "surprise" changes are not in release notes. lock is one of them. you upgrade your TWS version, didn't change anything-bam! locked. i did upgrade from 893 to 896. when i tried to close basket window(by pressing X on upper right corner)-the page didn't close, it goes right to TWS and stays there until i delete it from there manually. no way to "reconfigure" this.. so..they change very basic functionality that every single applications is using(press X-application\window will close) without mentioned in release notes. nice!
    now instead of 1 click i have to click 5 times just to remove this f* window, after i'm done with it. charts-some time i use this retarded piece of TWS to see high\low on certain bars..crosshair function-use to be-click on chart-you have it, click one more time-gone. nice and simple. now-right click on chart, choose toggle crosshair, to remove it-right click on chart- choose toggle crosshair. 4 clicks instead of 2. it's better this way..hell yeah! typical IB approach.
  6. sporky



    where did you learn this from?