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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jackson, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Jackson


    I have had many problems with the TWS since switching to a Macintosh iMac one month ago. The main issue is the the TWS keeps freezing and the only way to resolve the situation is to shut it down and restart it.

    Is anyone experiencing any issues with the TWS on a Mac?

    I'm using OS X 10.4.8 with 2.16 GHz processor and 1 Gig RAM.

    It seems that the java memory is being built up over time without being cleared and builds faster with every function I try use such as the graphs or market depth etc.. When memory builds up after about half an hour it simply freezes and no data comes through and I cannot trade, and sometimes can't even exit the program without forcing it to shut down.

    Tech support at IB and the developers have identified the problem but do not want to spend time on fixing the issue because they do not consider Mac users a priority. So I am left shutting down my program every half an hour in order to be able to trade.

    Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

  2. Jackson


    Can anybody help me?
  3. tef8


    I'm not on a mac but had similar probs awhile back. what i did to fix it was completely uninstall ALL java and java updates, restart pc and reinstall latest java. then reinstall TWS and latest API.
    then restart. then burn some incense and chant alittle (well....maybe that might have been cussin).
  4. Go buy a new PC to use as a trading computer. $500-$600?

  5. dst

    dst Interactive Brokers

    We are working on improving TWS for Mac; please PM me with details of your problem and we'll try to resolve the issue.
  6. Sure do. Get a pc and stop pestering IB about tws/mac issues.
  7. Are you using the standalone or browser version of TWS?

    I have been using the latest TWS standalone build, version 862 on a dual G4 machine without massive memory leaks, freezing or really any problem at all. I have not tried the latest browser version.

    I would not be so quick to assume the problem is IB's software. I have been running the Mac OS X version of TWS since its inception. While I have encountered the occasional bug, feature incompatibility or absence (usually related to lagging Apple Java builds), I have rarely if ever encountered bugs that make TWS unusable like you are experiencing.

    best of luck.
  8. Jackson


    Thanks for the reply. I am using the web version of TWS. They advised me it was more up to date than the standalone which they were still working on.

    It seems that it is an intel core 2 duo incompatibility issue. Older Macs seem to work fine with it. Have you tried it with an intel core 2 duo on a Mac?
  9. KS96


    Sometimes, I am using the standalone version
    on a macbook pro without any significant issues.
  10. Jackson


    Is it a Macbook with an intel core 2 duo processor? Do you use RSS feeds as well in the tWS?
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