IB TWS taking a lot of memory

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gmst, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. gmst


    Currently, my task manager is showing 717 MB memory being used by TWS. It is also using 17-20 CPU. I remember earlier it used to be much less like close to 300MB or so.

    My task manager shows:
    javaw.exe 717544 K Memory

    My TWS has become slow, when I want to modify an order price or number of contracts, it takes a little bit of time before it responds. Anyone else facing similar issues?

    Please post how much memory your TWS is taking.
  2. ktm


    My javaw.exe is showing 247,840. I'm also running the oldest version that I'm allowed to run...Build 921.5.
  3. RAM is cheap.
  4. pfranz


    I'm using version 917.9 wth no problem,I believe it's the oldest allowed version.
    I use IB Gateway, it takes 100-120MB. You can use it,with a front end you build yourself,or a pre-built one.
  5. Bob111


    something is not right..on your side..Each TWS instance typically using about 350 mb of ram..
    could be huge number of pages,tickers,charts,orders etc..post your task manager and TWS screenshoot. or delete settings folder and start from scratch and find the cause..uninstall and reinstall newest version of java
  6. gmst


    Thanks everyone for confirming my suspicion that all is not correct with my TWS.

    I have two folders Jts and Jts0 in my C: drive. Not sure if this is normal or not. Can you confirm if you also have two folders like this?

    I went inside both the folders and deleted a lot of files. I only left the setting files for Wednesday and Tuesday and definitions file and some other system files. Then, I closed my TWS and re-opened it. It has been few hours and my memory consumption is 270MB. So, it seem the problem has been fixed at least for now.
  7. NoBias


    Whenever I experience issues with my Trading System [Dedicated Trading computer] I find it more efficient to punt than troubleshoot.

    By the time it takes to locate the issue/conflicts a reformat or image remount can be accomplished.

    i.e. Reformat, reinstall Windows, perform all updates, Install only necessary program's [platform and front end only ideally] "charting program if you must"

    I keep the trading system light, use separate system for surfing, media, photo's, games, charting program, etc...

    When installing TWS to follow is the recommended procedure from IB, some of the links on Thread may be outdated, sequence remains the same, just find the current links on Java and IB's website


    That should eliminate any issues you experience.
  8. Bob111


    should be 1 folder(by default TWS installs into C:\Jts)
    270M is about right. 350Mb-is a total of RAM is used by java on one of my Pc's,where 3 instances of TWS are running
  9. ron2368


    I only have a jts0 , maybe try to rename the other folder to xxjts and restart tws to see if it makes a difference, that would be my first thought
  10. Bob111


    if would be a good idea to keep a copy of your account folder(named like dazdfrr***)someplace else,if you want to keep the settings,before you make changes,delete folders etc
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