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  1. I haven't seen any new review for this. The most recent review was in 2006, 5 years ago!

    Do any of you like IB's Trader Workstation?
    Is Browser-based or Stand Alone better?
    Please comment. Thanks.
  2. Bob111


    is still sucks and it's much worse(cause they add even more useless shit) than it was back in 2006
    standalone is more stable and give you more flexibility on which version to use. browser-will be always latest build(along with latest bugs and glitches)
  3. LOL bob, still pissed?

    Its fine for most of us. Lots of things we wish IB would do a little differently ... but hey, do you think your countries politicians are honest? Reality sucks just a little whatever you're looking at.

    You should use standalone.
  4. I use BookTrader for trading and eSignal for charting. The data never lags and I can't really remember the last outage. Must have been over a year now. Pretty good, I'd say.

    While the TWS charting still needs work, I can say for sure that the recent improvements in the charting and other TWS features, including the design, have been much better than in the past. And most of all, most of the changes seem to work the first time around. I could be wrong, but for the last few months I've gotten the distinct feeling that there is new blood working on improving TWS. And they do seem to be doing a much better job of it!!

    A little off the subject, but I've noticed on IB's SMF Forum in the TWS Platform thread that there is a new man from IB named John who really breaks his back to be of help, and in a very polite manner.
  5. ggeib750


    I am using TWS for trading and quotetracker for charting. Forget about using thé TWS for charting
  6. Eight


    Use third party apps and never use TWS directly. For a few bucks a month you can have a great charting/order entry/backtesting package and the app developers are the ones that have to worry about changes in TWS or the API...
  7. Bob111


    i'm. because like i said-there some very basic things that are still not fixed. settings periodically get f**d,tickers disappear, etc. quotes freezes,high\low problems. once again-those are the very basic things and they are out there for decade or so. you did not hear any new complains from me about recent problems,simply because i'm using the oldest possible TWS version. there some problems with it ,but i least i know what to expect. the only thing that i do appreciate from IB is that there is no forced updates(yet) lately. i'm truly horrified by current TWS version. i tried it once and i'm fucking glad that IB allow us to use 906
  8. jokepie


    I have always used Buttontrader + Esignal with TWS. TWS itself is not friendly at all and charting sucks.
  9. Does the stand alone run any slower than the browser version? I've hesitated to run TWS off my HD thinking it might bog down more easily, especially with how bulky recent versions have become.
  10. which TWS version has the least problems right now?

    I have not upgraded in a while.
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