IB TWS screwed up

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hoodooman, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Today when I brought up my TWS and clicked on the account icon and then the trades icon, it brought them up ok but they were behind the main page and the only way that I could see them was to click down the main page. I also had the same problem with my Medved QT. After I clicked it on, it stayed behind my TWS trading page as well and the only way that I could see it was to click down the TWS main trading page.

    I have restarted my computer several times but get the same result.

    Do I have some kind of bug in my TWS or is it now suppose to do this?

    If this is how it is supposed to work now, then I will have to close my account because I can't daytrade when I'm handicapped like this.

    All help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I believe newer versions of TWS have a pin at the top right of the menu bar. Press it and the window has 'always on top behavior'. It sounds like this might be your problem.
  3. I can't find the menu bar. Could you help me out on that.
    Hate to ask but I just can't find it. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Top right edge of the window, just below the minimise/maximise-restore/close trio.
  5. dcraig

    You were right. I don't think I would have ever seen that tiny icon without you! Thanks again.