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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by ChrisM, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. ChrisM


    Does anybody know how to create "pattern order" in TWS which can be used again when modified. Simple order is easy but if you need conditional order looks like there is no such option ?
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  3. ChrisM


    Thank you for your help but creating few conditional orders is time consuming. I need to create one conditional order which can be stored and used later as a pattern, so I can change instrument using same condition.
  4. Is not possible, afaik. Would be an interesting feature.

    What type of order would you like to program?

  5. Great idea....why don't you submit this as an enhancement ?
    I would call this an order "package" which is a predefined conditional order.
    For now, you'll need to use the API and have it programmed.
  6. ChrisM


    I thought that was obvious, and I was the only one not knowing how to do it.

    However if not the case, I am sending this suggestion to IB.
  7. Could you give an explicit order example of what you intend?

  8. Let me guess

    Buy Low / Sell high
  9. ChrisM


    For example: Sell 50 ES APR 1420 Calls condition: ESM7 =< 1417
  10. Take a look at alerts. You can have an alert submit an order (in addition to the default of popping up a window telling you the alert was triggered). If you configure an Alert Timeout of Never, after the alert is triggered it stays in your collection of alerts (it shows up as deleted), and you can quickly select it, duplicate it, and activate the duplicate.
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