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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by OldTrader, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Several days ago I changed from April gold to June gold. No problem. The following day when I reopened TWS, it had April gold. So I switched to June again. This has now happened several days in a row. I've noticed that it happens with any new symbol I enter. Further, it reenters any old symbols that were deleted (like April gold for instance).

    Today when I opened TWS it happen again, so I restored settings from Friday. That worked.

    Anyone having this problem? And if so, is there a fix? For what it's worth, I'm using Build 857.7, the latest build as far as I know.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Sorry to butt in on your thread.

    Here's a problem i noticed today. The TWS was dropping orders today. I placed an order to sell 500 shares and another order to buy 300 shares of another stock. I shut down the TWS and left for the day. Normally the orders remain on the book. Yet today, both orders vanished. No harm done, but very troubling if it was a stop loss order and larger size.

    Any ideas? Did this happen to anyone else lately?
  3. I have not had the problem.

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    OT: Did you save settings after starting up and rolling the symbols (which I believe is necessary)? I suppose it would be nice if this were automatic, but I don't think it is.

    plugger: Orders for what instrument, exactly when? For futures contracts, at least, I believe DAY orders expire when the futures close for that day (~16:00-17:00 ET for various US futures). That is, they don't carry over to the start of the next session, which is a different trade date, even though it may only be a few minutes or hours later.

    I don't know what happens with DAY orders for US stocks at 16:00 ET if they are not marked RTH-only - I expect they are supposed to continue to work, assuming they are not routed directly to an exchange that closes (NYSE/AMEX/Naz).
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    If anyone else is experiencing the problem Plugger posted please PM me.
  6. I called IB customer service today about my problem. The claim it's an issue with Build 857.7. Evidently when TWS boots up it picks up a file from a prior day. They say they will be correcting this issue soon in a subsequent build.

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    It's refreshing to see, oldtrader, a non-hysterical "IB has a problem" post, instead of the usual "I lost $10,000,000 and I'm going to sue and IB is a crap company!, etc.."

    I'm sure IB will clear this problem up soon. But it does illustrate there can be a price to pay for frequent upgrades.

    Still, IB is a great broker and I appreciate all their efforts.

    Good trading to all.
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    I have the SAME damn problem. It is driving me up the wall! I called them and they had some 30 minute tech solution. I did not have 30 minutes. That is what I get for upgrading.

    IB please kick out an upgrade SOON! Very irritating. Everyday I get to my screens and it is like Groundhog day the movie! I was loving IB before this. I still like them --but they should have had a fix out by now. OH well---it could be worse. It has not cost me money. It is driving me crazy tho.
  9. Yeah, it does drive you a little crazy. One thing that worked for me is to "restore settings". It's under "file". I picked out a prior day under restore settings, clicked it, and it brought up the correct settings.

    Or of course, you can just reenter whatever changes you've made which is a real pain.

    Or finally, you could downgrade to a prior Build. I'm not going to do that either.

    I think they'll have it corrected quickly since it affects everyone. People just haven't noticed it yet I guess.

  10. You know, you're exactly right....IB is the best broker I've dealt with up to now, and I too appreciate their efforts. This problem will be cleared up quickly, just as they have been in the past.

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