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  1. I have have made about 20 trades this morning approx 50,000 shares without a problem,maybe yesterday was a blip.
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  2. mokwit


    As I mentioned previously, there is a thread on ET where myself and others describe having exactly the same problem which I believe you may have participated in. My and others experience experience is that your stops DON'T always work. After the unbeliveable response I got when I brought this to IB's attention I did not bother saving audit trails as there was no point.

    Here is my post from one of the previous threads. I remember there was more than one, but in fairness some posts were describing an issue that may not have been a TWS malfunction.

    "Not an IB basher for the sake of it - these are serious issues - I have seen the market trade through stops with 3 different front ends and in different markets Eurex, HSI, NYMEX, - every time I had visually confirmed that it had registered correctly in TWS so IB's get out of it was an API order was not appropriate, neither was the suggestion that I let it run and got them on the phone next time it happened (and relied on their reimbursing me - yeah right)"

    I am not vindicative, and actually have better things to do, and when suppliers respond in private I keep it private. Also I am very careful to be factual and not exaggerate when I post on boards because it is very difficult to undo any damage should there be an error. Rather than adopt the customer is always wrong attitude and insinutate that I am a liar or the usual only one having this problem why don't you address the kind of help response that causes such an obliteration of customer goodwill.

    It is an intermittent problem and as and when it happens again I will send it directly to you and hope others do the same. Please tell me exactly what you need. Likewise with market orders that take way too long and also described by others on at least one thread on these boards (so how come I am the only one reporting these issues, maybe there is something wrong with your internal communications rather than the customer is making it all up?). Oh and by the way, before you try the "weak ISP" getout, on nearly all occasions I had visually confirmed that the order was registered correctly in TWS.

    P.S I am citing threads on ET because some of those posting had claimed they had contacted IB about this - no expecting IB to troll through posts to locate potential issues , understand you really need to be directly informed.

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  3. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    The TWS audit-trail showing what stop you submitted. Approximate time of when you think the stop should have executed and did not. Thanks.

    Edit: ditto for the market order that takes too long to execute.
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    OK thanks, will do. I hope It does not happen again, but appreciate you need details.
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  5. Bob111


    my stand alone TWS build 843 just closed by itself few minutes ago.
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  7. TGM


    It sounds like orders just disappearing. Seems impossible. If an order disappears---how can there be an audit trail?

    what paltform you using? I use Zeroline with IB. The platform can do it's own simulated stops. They are on your machine and not IB's server. You may want to look into it.
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  8. I gave them a generally favorable review, since they are acceptable as a back-up broker...


    Nevertheless, I am somewhat disappointed in their lack of reliability of late i.e. what use is a back-up which isn't functional?
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  9. Candletrader,

    This is kind of my point too. From all we could put together from the forum posts, it seems obvious that practically nothing exists to help API users gather helpful knowledge about an always possible anomaly. If you look in detail, you get a stream of on/off contradictory messages with doubtful or undocumented meaning (1100, 1101, 1102, 2103, 2104, ...???). At the time of an incident, ascertaining the current state of your TWS connection remains a kind of dark and perfectly undocumented art. Possibly there ain't anything definite to document yet?

    Before pretending to help interested users with 'backfill' data, why not first help the 'oldtimers' to do a bit better when they have to get out of a panic phase.
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  10. Backfill is GREAT.

    IB you do a bloody great job. Fast. Functional. Backfill. And cheap as chips :)

    And despite peoples problems its pretty darned reliable too (my setup is NinjaTrader, SierraChart and TWS).

    Have a nice weekend.
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