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  1. mokwit


    Have had. It could be sensitivity to broadband ISP bandwidth constriction. See if connecting via dial up 56k works.

    If that fixes it please let me know what country you are in.
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  2. I had a problem with ib yesterday the likes of which i have never experienced before.

    On my last two trades of the day my order was hanging for 5 mins before getting filled.

    I phoned tech support to explain but the person i spoke to did not get it,he said that because i put in a limit order market orders took precedence,he checked with nyse and said it was not ib`s problem.

    My point was that my limit order was 4 cents under what was being offered and there was plenty of stock available and was trading for the 5 mins well within my limit price.

    I know this stock inside out and have been trading it for over two years(i trade over 1 million shares per month) and the average execution is about 2 or 3 secs,probably the longest i have had to wait was 20/30 secs very rarely though(assuming stock is available).

    I shall wait today to see if the problem has resolved itself but it was very frustrating yesterday having to deal with this problem and even more so having to battle with this tech support guy who did not get it.

    Anyone else have problems similar to mine?
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  3. I have had multiple problems today.

    1. No SPI (SNFE) streaming data before the HSI open. Backfill fine. View market data connections shows green for HK and all other farms. Restarting TWS did not help.

    2. After open of HSI, required restart of TWS to get HSI streaming data even though HK connection status was showing green.

    3. On open of DAX no streaming data for DAX futures even though ESTX50 and all 30 DAX stocks were OK. Connection status for euro farm showing green. Required restart of TWS to get DAX data.

    TWS 848.8.

    And by the way the charts are completely broken on my Linux system and just don't work at all. May possibly be an issue with Java/X.11. Not a problem for me. I was just curious to see how they are coming along.
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  4. Everything 100% this side. I must say that I was about 15 mins late when I started up EUREX. Don't bother with charts. Don't understand how anybody could make money with those.

    PS: I also run 848.8 under linux. Haven't touched X11 and Java (1.4.2_08) for weeks.
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  5. Footnote on TWS chart problem:

    Xorg R6.8.1
    Xinerama with 4 screens and a mixture of video cards.
    JDK 1.5.0_04
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  6. mokwit


    Lord M,

    I also have had problems with Limits and STOP orders not filling. The fob off response I got from IB help at the time I reported the first one was unbelievable ( I mean totally unbelievable).

    I have have seen it across a number of exchanges and not related to CBOT only accepting Limits, nor to not ticking after hours box or market conditions. One time it was my front end settings but otherwise seems to be an IB problem. Others have reported this issue which has not been addressed by IB.

    However as they are now finally addressing issues I hope we will be able to get this fixed as it is serious - perhaps if ET'ers experiencing this can send details audit trail, Logfile (?) and screenshot so that IB have something to work with then maybe we can get it fixed
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  7. zdreg


    the question is the tech person right and is he the right person to ask

    delay could also be due to your order
    being stopped by the specialist and you being guranteed the current market price or better. i haven't see this lfor a long time. maybe this practice has stopped since they went to penny increments

    i would like to know the right answer to your?.

    by the way did you get the market price
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  8. Trent


    Problems here also this week :(

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  9. I did get about the right price after 5 mins but what would have happened if the price would have gone in the wrong direction 30c or more,it can fall 30c or more in a five minute period and i can occasionally have up to 20,000 shares(this is a $40 stock).

    I should also add i cancelled the order as i got no response after about 1 minute but it would not cancel and the order hung around for 4 minutes and then was filled.

    The original order for which i waited 5 minutes for was for 2000 shares,i then tried 100 shares as a test and that also took 5 mins to go thru.
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  10. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    These are rather general statements. I hope you realize that they give the readers the impression that our stops don't work. Aside from the RTH confusion (which is not a malfunction and which I promised to address) I am not aware of any problems in the stop area.

    Other ET'ers are not sending us screenshots, audit-trails or logs about this. However, given that you believe that "you have seen it across a number of exchanges", could YOU send us something? If you do and upon the review we'll conclude that there indeed is a problem, we will address it w/ the highest priority. Thank you.
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