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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by laocoon, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. laocoon


    My TWS is having problems today (The "Market Data" field turns orange from time to time and the data flow disappears)....anybody else having the same issue?
  2. TGM


    I am experiencing the same thing.
  3. TGM


    Anyone experiencing an Orange Market data alert in TWS? I am not getting any European Quotes.

    US quotes coming fine but it says that the EuroFarm feed is disconnected?

    I cant believe I am the only one.

    US data seems to be coming in fine.
  4. joesan


    IB bulletin said they were testing sth today, there might be some data outdage. And later another bulletin said the market data was once again available to all TWS users.

    See if it's ok tomorrow
  5. TGM


    Yeah I just logged out and logged back in and it seems ok all of a sudden. It was just the Europeanfarm on mine. Very irritating seeing as I have not had any problems with it!
  6. Oh dear! Sounds like the darn 'freezing bug' again. I havn't had it for the last few weeks.
  7. TGM


    they were working on something and the Eurofarm went down or at least my connection to it went down
  8. mokwit


    Shutting the data off in the middle of the trading day for "testing", (but they do of course apologize for any "inconvenience" being without data in a fast moving market like HSI might have caused).

    About time they did something about these mounting problems. I am seriously beginning to doubt the competence of IB IT people.
  9. joesan


    Testing sth during the trading hour may be very dangerous for the endclients.

    Fortunately HSI was not moving very fast yesterday, but surely I realize the importance to find a non-IB backup broker.
  10. TGM


    I read that you are in Shanghai. I would think your connection would be good from there? I can imagine your internet connection is quite stable.

    FWIW --my Hong Kong serverfarm is down. I am on the Eastern US servers. I have an orange light. It is the only server down.

    IB what is going on there????
    #10     Jul 18, 2005