IB TWS problems. Quotes not working properly. Showing question marks (???????????)

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by trader07, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. I sent the following to IB as a web ticket. Anybody experiencing similar problems?

    I am seeing a lot of ???? marks where bid/ask/last etc. should be. This is showing for a lot of different exchanges (smart, ecbot etc.). I called and Mark refreshed my market data permissions yesterday. That worked for about 1 hour but then the problem returned. I called back and talked to James and he said the version of Java may be incompatible and suggested I downgrade from 1.6 to 1.5. I did this but I still experienced the same problem. I then called this morning and was transferred to IT. They told me they were aware of the problem, that the exchanges weren't sending over the data. I asked that a bulletin be sent out to inform users of the situation. I subsequently received a bulletin that quotes may not be available for some "options". This bulletin did not cover the bigger problem of other exchanges. Please clear up the quote problem. Please send a bulletin to users now informing them of the problem, then please send another bulletin once the problem has been fixed.
  2. mde2004


    Your internet dial up connection is the problem and not IBTWS.
  3. I experienced the options problem starting last night and into this morning. I got the market subscription dialog saying I wasnt subscribed to something I've never heard of.

    I'm still getting the dialog now but my quotes are back to normal.
  4. Not possible. I am getting other quotes from various exhanges just fine.

  5. Bob111


    yep. i have quotes problems as well right from 7am, when QQQQ did not show any bid\ask. reconnect\relogin works on some accounts and didn't on others.
    IB excuses imo lame, cause from morning i have change and % change issues as well. or bid\ask\last are shown, but no change avialiable. no quotes on bonds at all. no bid, no ask. on some issues last shown. same deal on different java from 1.5.11 to 1.6.1 and TWS from 871 to 873, so-i'm not buying their java or update to latest TWS excuse.
    what surprise me that you the only one,who notice it on middle of the day. i guess out of 74K ET members only few really trade and even less using TWS and multiple products. :D :D :D
    but currently i'm having even bigger problems with IB on proper accounting side (couple of my accounts are complete mess)and i'm give up on quotes, at least for today.

    since forced upgrade i did not have a single day without some sort of issue or glitch with TWS
  6. Thanks Bob. I am surprised that I am the only one noticing it. Please, everybody that is having this problem call IB and maybe they'll do something about it. Anybody from IB want to comment?

  7. chud


    I was not getting Volume or Change from Prev. data for any stocks this morning and had all data go out a few times.