IB TWS problems - Limits and Stops reversed

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by kgoodfl, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. kgoodfl


    I have had three orders in the past three days trigger inappropriately as a limit instead of the stop that I entered and a stop instead of a limit that I entered.

    Also, when I drag the stop in the chart, it yanks the limit down to where the stop is.

    Has anyone else had problems like these? I called and they said I made a mistake. I can tell you after the first time, I have been extremely careful to make sure that they are correct. It is not my mistake. They won't help me at all. They say no one else has called with these problems.

    I am using TWS on an iMac. They say there is a new version but it's a manual install.

    Please - respond and let me know if you have had any issues like this.

  2. I've had a couple stop-limit entry orders trigger before the stop price was reached in the past week. In both cases I got a better fill than I would have if the stop price was triggered, and in both cases the market went where I expected it to (e.g. they would have triggered anyway), but still... I only wanted to be in the trade if price reached that level, not before. I'm on a slightly older version of TWS, and the orders were entered through BookTrader, not sure what the problem was yet but I'll probably upgrade to the latest version soon.
  3. kgoodfl


    I just upgraded. We will see if that fixes the problem. In the meantime, I am taking screenshots of every order before I transmit because I'm tired of being told I did it wrong. Tiresome.