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  1. I have downloaded Bracket Trader and set things up properly. Just to check that they were working together, I placed a Sell at Limit order for PG at 130 just several minutes ago. Clearly away from the market just in case this very scenario developed.

    When I cancel the order either via BT or IB platforms, the order does not disappear.

    Not only that, but now I am unable to place any other order.

    Any suggestions?
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  3. I'll take that heh? as an invitation to explain more fully. :)

    I downloaded Bracket Trader the other day and installed it. Today I thought I would familiarize myself with it.

    With nothing else running, I logged on to TWS. I checked the "enable ActiveX".

    I started Bracket Trader. As expected, the box over TWS to accept the third party request. I clicked yes.

    I wanted to see if the two were properly interfaced, so I entered a Sell at Limit 130 for 100 shares of PG. Way away from the market in case this type of problem occurred.

    The Sell order appears on the TWS on the main page and the pending page.

    So to clear it, I clicked on the cancel order button on Bracket and nothing happened.

    I clicked on the order in TWS, and clicked cancel, and the "C" disappeared from the order line, but the order remains on the main page, and the pending page.

    I am not concerned it will be executed, I just want it the way it should be.

    Also, I am unable to enter any other order using the Bracket now.

    Btw, what is the IB symbol for ESZ02?
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    You are confusing heh with huh. Not only is there a HUGE difference in the spelling, but a HUGE difference in intonation.

    As far as the symbol for ES - just type in ES on a line. Then when the menu pops up, follow the future as you go along the arrows. Unless you mean the symbol so that you can type that in in BT?

  5. How silly of me. It was the question mark at the end of "heh" that made me think "heh?" was a question. In fact, I am unable to say "heh?" Is it pronounced like... "heh, how about that?" Because as we have discussd previously, it is an open mouth sound. A word punctuated with a question mark tends to connote a rising inflection. Hence the word "Huh?" which is rather easy to pronounce with the afore-mentioned rising inflection. But I just cannot seem to give "Heh?" a rising inflection, and make it sound intelligible.

    The ES thing I thought should have worked too, but I get the "not a symbol or unauthorized for this acct" message, although the acct is authorized for futures.

    Thanks for your help. I'll keep practicing the "heh?".

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    Ah, that's the problem. Make sure you log into your account http://www.interactivebrokers.com and make sure you set up your account correctly and that you have subscribed to all the feeds.

  7. I double-checked to be sure everything was correct. The account type is Stocks, Stock Options, And Futures - Margin.

    The data subscriptions are Non-professional US Securities and Commodities Exchanges, and ACE.

    I don't see a GLOBEX.

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    Hi Inandlong,

    double check "market data subscription" under "trading services" in "Account management" after you log in on IB (account log in)

    Just to see if you have Globex checked, maybe this might be it ?

  9. Hey Andy thanks, I must have the child-proof version, there is no GLOBEX to check. It looks like I could trade from just about anywhere else in the world though. Where on the list is GLOBEX?
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    I just copied this from my account data subscription page, does it match yours ?

    Market Data Subscriptions

    You are currently subscribed to these market data services. To unsubscribe from any service Uncheck the boxes and click "Submit".

    Service Name Monthly Fee
    Non-professional US Securities and Commodities Exchanges USD 10.00 (Waived if monthly commissions > USD 30.00)
    ACE Market Depth USD 0.00
    Globex USD 10.00 (Waived if monthly commissions > USD 30.00)

    To subscribe or add to your market data subscription: Check the boxes and click "Submit".

    The checked market data services have been pre-selected based on the exchanges that you previously requested for trading access. You may uncheck them or add more services.

    There are check spaces next to each service name on mine. Hope this helps, below the above is a list of all other types of data I could subcribe to if I wanted...

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