IB TWS pinkout craziness

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by rayl, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Bob111


    sick and tired from short 1-3-5 min disconnections on couple accounts all day long today. Impossible for ATS to trade in such environment. and I’m not buying BS excuse like "it's on your side". no f** way. other accounts on same computer work just fine.
    this damn problem was never fixed, since it's started few weeks ago...
    IB, please do something about it. enough already..
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  2. This is an interesting reminder of when I had a quote.com account and was using QCharts. QCharts was fraught with performance problems. Some days were good, others were terrible.
    Then some clever programmer created a utility which would determine the response time of a particular QCharts server, and then would cause a disconnect and reconnect to a new server that was showing better performance. This resolved a lot of complaints.
    I've always wondered how IB monitors and allocates their server resources. For instance, you could have been on a "bum" server today, but tomorrow it could be a whole different server.
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  3. akeyla


    Let me start off by saying that I've never used IB. Thinking about opening an account with them and hence this basic question:

    Is it better to use the browser based version as opposed to the stand alone downloadable desktop version? Their website says the browser based version is faster and recommends the standalone for users with slower internet connections? Tia.
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  4. rwk


    I think the reason they recommend standalone for slower connections is the length of time it takes to download the software. Once the software is loaded and running, the two version are virtually identical. I prefer the standalone version because I can control which release I am running. The browser-based version always runs the latest beta, and sometimes it is really buggy.
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  5. RL8093


    Wow! This really brought back some memories - Q-charts roulette. I never knew about this 'utility' but a friend told me how to change servers and we'd regularly compare notes on which servers tended to be better. Ironically some of the 'better' servers started performing poorly as people piled into them and some of the poor performers improved as people crossed them off their lists...

    Q-charts tech folks were the catalyst for my purchase of a dual-xeon workstation. They kept blaming my rig for the performance issues and I finally got fed up and called Dell. Told them I wanted the fastest most powerful computer they make so performance could not be an issue...

    All the performance issues remained w/ new rig. Switched to eSig a week later...

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  6. akeyla


    Thanks very much. How about executions? Would they also be identical in terms of speed if executed from either version?
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  7. I love this story ! Service providers just love to blame everyone and everything but themselves !!
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  8. rwk


    I haven't used the browser-based version, but it is my understanding that they both have the same capabilities and performance (except that they will be different releases).

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  9. rayl


    They are exactly the same underneath -- same jars if you're using the same version.... Just a different launcher and the network version will reload a new set of jars if they've been updated (compared to the version in your JNLP cache)
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  10. akeyla


    Thank you. Both above posts.
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