IB TWS pinkout craziness

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  1. rayl


    This appears to be a totally different issue from what I was experiencing. I must admit to not having seen this one before.
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  2. Just another Bill Gates bogus message meant to scare non-techies.
    It's not that bad...see this:

    Yes, unless you use Priority Master or the START command.

    It would happen ALL THE TIME if it is on their end. The fact that only certain users are experiencing this indicates a potential workstation or communication problem.
    Affinity is for dual CPU or dual core machines....also, you've got to experiment with these priority settings. Try ABOVENORMAL...if it works, move to HIGH. If that works, move to REALTIME.
    Most importantly, set the Windows main Background/Foreground for BACKGROUND priority....this makes the GUI slower, but insures your datafeed and other background threads get top priority.
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  3. whats the image name for the windows background/foreground?

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  4. Cool...:cool:

    You have been a great help to this thread syswizard.

    Thanks a lot for your answers...:)
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  5. ecritt


    I've been getting "pink out" every time I try to execute a basket trade for over a month now. The guys at IB have been telling me the problem is on my end. They had me uninstall Java, reinstall java, etc. Problem remains.

    The weird thing is that I can execute each trade in the basket one at a time with no problem. But it's a pain in the ass to click "T" 1,500 times. When I try to "transmit all" the problems start. This occurs regardless of what computer or internet connection type I use.
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  6. Catoosa


    I am still getting "Pink-Outs" several times a day. When I look at my Jts file log.mon.txt I find warnings prior to some of the pink-outs that read like this:

    JTS-CCPPing-9: Warning: not received heartbeat at 50000

    This event is followed by he TWS page returning to normal within 10 to 15 seconds. Does this event warning indicate what the problem might be?
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  7. Under Win/XP:
    1) My Computer, right click, Properties, Click
    2) Select Advanced Tab
    3) Select Performance - Settings button - Click
    4) Select Advanced Tab
    5) Adjust for Best Performance:
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  8. Most probably problems with your ISP service (most likely) or other connectivity problems somewhere in the net.

    I'm making an assumption, but its almost certainly the case that the log message relates to messages exchanged between TWS and IB servers to monitor the health of the connection. Presumably when the number of dropped heatbeats exceeds some threshold over some period of time, TWS shows the pinkout to alert the use to the dubious state of the connection. I would assume that if the situation doesn't improve, TWS drops the connection and that's when you get a re-login.
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  9. syswizard - thank you
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  10. Yes, it indicates that TWS is having a brainfart.
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