IB TWS pinkout craziness

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by rayl, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Catoosa


    It for sure has not been resolved for me. I have been getting "pink-outs" and disconnects at a rate of about one every ten minuets all afternoon.
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  2. Important DETAILS:
    1) Which version of TWS are you using ?
    2) STANDALONE or Browser-based ?
    3) Which version of Java's JRE ?
    5.11, 5.12, 6.01, 6.02
    4) Which O/S ?
    MAC, Linux, Windows 2k, Win/XP Pro
    5) If Windows, what PRIORITY is being assigned to Javaw.exe ?
    Normal, Above Normal, High, Realtime

    Man, the VARIABLES involved here are pretty mind-boggling.
    Let's try to narrow down the possibilities.
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  3. Catoosa


    Thank you for asking:

    TWS 878.5 standalone
    Java 1.5.0_11
    Windows 2000 SP4
    Javaw.exe Normal priority
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  4. Bob111


    few days in row i experience a pink out when i submit my orders as basket.
    really frustrating issue on top of those, that already been mentioned-long logins,wrong volume,disconnections..
    you press a button to transmit all orders and TWS just disconnects. when it's back-only couple orders are working...
    where is the rest of them go-i have no idea..
    this will bring us to another issue and ET post, where one guy lost 52K, because according to someone i know those things are related. without going into details it's like when this happens IB server is waiting for data about certain order details(such as price) and instead server gets order ID or whatever number it's get after reconnection and that's when those phantom orders can be executed..
    btw-my ticket about wrong volume on us stocks still not assigneg to anyone..it's been almost a month..
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  5. OK, but any reason you aren't running Javaw.exe (which effectively runs TWS) at REALTIME priority ?
    Everyone seems to forget that running a REALTIME application at NORMAL priority is asking for trouble.
    That's why most CD/DVD burning programs force their launch to REALTIME priority.
    Also, if you don't use Win/XP, you are just BEGGING for trouble if it is not "tuned" i.e. many services shutdown and prevented from starting.
    Finally, any complex anti-virus, or security program like Nortron Internet Security can absolutely CRUSH your system at any time when it does updates (which are unpredictable !).
    My trading station runs Win2k, no security software (why would I need it ?), and the trading app runs at REALTIME priority.
    The list of services running is about ONE FOURTH of the list that is running on my other WinXP Pro workstation used for research and communication.
    Bottomline: WinXP sucks as an OS for trading...go back to Win2k or move up to Windows 2003 Server edition.
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  6. How do you know what priority you are running at?...:confused:
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  7. AAA30


    attached is an example of what started to happen to me. Only thing that helped was removing the news column.
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  8. Yuk. That don't look too good to me...:(
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  9. Wow, you really don't know how to check ?
    1) Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up the main dialog box
    2) click on task manager
    (note: instead of #1 and #2, just make a link to TaskMgr and place it on your desktop)
    3) look for Javaw.exe in the list of Processes
    4) click on it, and right click to see and set the priority

    There is a method/technique to insure TWS always starts with realtime priority, but it is pretty involved.
    Another option is to purchase a utility program like PriorityMaster...and it will do this automatically each time TWS starts-up.
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  10. Yes, WOW I didn't know how to check. You are amazed easily..lol...
    But of course I do know how to bring up Windows task manager.
    You would have to be the opposite of a computer geek not to know this...

    Thanks for the info anyway.

    One thing, I change the priority to RT and I get a window that

    WARNING: Changing the priority class of this process may cause
    undesired results including system instability. Are you sure you
    want to change the priority class?

    NO, not after reading this warning.

    And you mention there is a method/technique to insure that TWS
    always starts with RT priority, yet you say it is pretty involved. Okay...

    And another option is to buy some program called PriorityMaster
    and it will do this automatically each time TWS starts up.

    So, in other words you are saying you have to change the priority
    each time you start up TWS even though it warns against it.?

    BTW... how/why would setting TWS to RT priority stop it from doing
    the "pinkout crazies" that TWS has been plagued with lately since
    it is obvious a problem on their end? (otherwise it would happen
    all the time wouldn't it?)

    And if TWS is set to RT priority, what gets shoved back behind it?
    Or does anything at all happen to other programs? (besides the
    fact that it can perhaps make your system unstable)...

    I also see there are settings for abovenormal and high?

    Why not just pick one of these instead of Realtime?

    What is the difference?

    By the way, what is "affinity"? And why would you click this?
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