IB TWS pink out problems on HK server 2nite? anyone else?...

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by gangof4, Mar 26, 2008.

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    i've had 5 pink out's tonight- using the HK server. it is able to reconnect after about 30 seconds- rather disconcerting whilst in an open position. are others having the same problem?

    it cannot be my internet, as i switched it to the dsl line after the 1st 2 pinks and it continued to happen.

    right now, i'm afraid to trade. i don't need another $14m ib hit to my p&l this month...

    ib... care to comment.
  2. It happened to me too. Lost connection for a couple of minutes.

    Were you short as well? :)
  3. Me too. At least twice.
  4. Tums


    working good here.
  5. gangof4


    thanks for the replies- helpful to be able to come here and confirm issues instead of listening to HK customer service telling me to check my connection.

    thankfully, it hasn't cost me.

    i have no idea why the fuck ib bothers with their 'alert' system- they never let you know what's going on when they're having obvious problems. they don't want us to know it's on their end, cause they don't want us to stop trading. they could give a shit if it costs us, since, from my experience, they don't care if their issues cost us money.

    a shame, as i'm having a good night (needed after last nights beating). if i do trade, i certainly won't put on many contracts given the TWS issues tonight...

    good luck, all...
  6. I see u guys didnt call ib ??? they just told me that they havent seen it and their test system is showing ok (mine is up again too) ... i've sent them my log file ... any chance of ur going onto chat and sending yours?
  7. According to CS my TWS was logged into the US server ... not sure how that could happen. So I was asked to do a clean out and reinstall. Hopefully that will clear me.

    Funny that you should experience random problems on the same day that my installation was wrong. Coincidence is a wonderful thing.
  8. gangof4


    yeah, and filter sweep had the same coincidence too. and pigs really can fly, the dog ate my homework and i won't *&# in your...

    according to my experience with ib, there is NO WAY you could be connected to the US server- it's a manual procedure that is done on the weekend- not something that can randomly occur. nothing on your computer has dick to do with what server ib has your acct assigned to.

    my guess- you said 'pink out' and the csr went to the ib playbook which, plainly states, 'tell dumbass customer everything is perfect on our end- check your internet connection. if pain in the ass (ie: customer) persists... tell the moron that it was a server reset'. since there could be no server reset on the HK server, quick minded csr improvised and , viola, you were on the US server.

    the joys of zero accountability...
  9. No, the csr did get past the dumb customer bit fairly quickly. The incredibly bizarre thing is that the log for TWS really does show me logged onto the US server (.com not .com.hk)

    Now I'm pleased to say it shows me connected to the US SERVER AGAIN .... Arrghhhh ... No IT DOESNT!!!!

    RB 14:40:49:823 JTS-Main: os = Windows XP
    RB 14:40:49:823 JTS-Main: host = gw1.ibllc.com

    And now I did it again and I'm on

    JR 15:25:32:666 JTS-Main: os = Windows XP
    JR 15:25:32:666 JTS-Main: host = gw1.ibllc.com.hk

    Something totally bizarre has happened today ... check your logs and search for host =

    log.Wed.txt in c:\jts
    What were you logged onto?
  10. gangof4



    my log shows me logged into the US server twice and the HK server 3x.

    this is interesting on a # of fronts. if this is accurate, then all their talk about how a technician has to change you from one server to another, and only on the weekend is... well, a complete lie!

    if it is possible for an acct to log into any server (as the log seems to indicate) then why the fuck don't they let us do it? when one server goes down, then we could connect to a working server to tend to our positions. in fact, this should be automatically built into their system (if they were truly an institutional grade broker).
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