IB TWS Phone Apps - where do they stand?

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  1. IB TWS Phone Apps - where do they stand?

    is IPhone supported more over Android?

    Are the Apps the same? Do they have the same features?

    Which system is easier to use?

    What is your experience using a mobile App with IB TWS?

    I don't see much recent talk about IB TWS mobile solutions, so I'd like to see some new feedback before I jump at a new phone.

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  2. no responses huh?

    I guess everyone is still parked in front of big screen monitors:D
  3. western


    I've used the android app to close out some positions when I'm on vacation. I find it very robust and fast, even has the option of staying logged in all day. Just be sure to bring your secure token device with you.

    It is a little disconcerting to be trading via your smartphone if you are not used to it. The first time I did it, I ended up doublechecking the trade log and my account position like 5x times, just to get comfortable with the idea that I had actually made the trade.
  4. I use the iPhone and iPad apps. The iPhone app has some features the iPad doesn't. They are fine for what they are. You don't get the full set of order types as in TWS.

    Both are intended to supplement TWS for quotes and simple order entry, not to replace it.

    The iPhone app times out after 10 minutes. If you use it a lot you are going to probably want to disable the security token for trading.
  5. I use the Android app and I think it's very weak. All you can do is get quotes and make trades. The charts stop working after regular market hours...even futures and currencies.

    The TDAmeritrade is one of the more robust ones out there. I also check out the Scottrade one and it was pretty good (I don't have a Scottrade account, but you can try the app for free).
  6. Kirkx


    I have bbTWS on my BlackBerry. The charts are "line" type only, no candlesticks. Futures and stock charts only show daily session, forex charts cover 24 hours (the start is on Sunday at 17:15 ET). Options quotes and charts are available as long as you enter symbols manually, there are no option chains. Bid/Ask and order entry are available 24 hrs for everything.

    Orders are buy, sell and bracket (bracket is entered from BookTrader ladder). More complex attached orders are not available. Order transmission is not always instantaneous, it might take a few seconds, depending on your carrier's connection.

    The connection is stable (I'm on CDMA in Canada), even if you get disconnected (which won't happen often), you can quickly log back in. The app keeps running and logged-in even if you put the phone into the holster and it gets locked.
    It will auto log-off if you never get back to it for about 30 minutes.

    I have made some profitable forex trades from bbTWS during slow Asian hours from easy chart setups, and never had any problems, but it's not a replacement for TWS on your PC. It's really great for looking up quotes and charts just to have an idea where the markets are heading when you are away from the computer.

    Some features are available even if you don't have an account with IB (real time email alerts, delayed charts and quotes).