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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by sporky, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. sporky


    i've been trying to find the option to be warned about pending orders when closing TWS. Where is it? thx!
  2. IB TWS warns you by default if you exit with an open position. That can be turned on/off under Configure / Exit / Warn on exit with position. I'm not sure what you are referring to in your question related to just pending orders though. I have not seen that in TWS before.
  3. If you mean like a warning sound of some type, I don't think it exists. But the pending page tab turns red when there's a pending order. That's a warning if you look.

    When I exit I always take a look at my account page to see what positions it shows, and my pending page to see if there are orders. Just part of my routine. I don't need a warning to do that. I suggest you make it a habit to do the same.

  4. nassau


    excellent advise from old trader as you have to remember IB is electronic trading and you waive all rights when you open your account.
    many times we have noticed that our trading page/untitled we have no working orders but when we have checked our (pending all page) there are pending orders. Especially if the traders tries severeal times to enter or the market becomes locked, or shorts are not available at this time, these orders occassionally get triggered at a later time or day and you are fed a position that you may no longer wish and IB only see you had the working order ...so it is yours..
    I personally feel it is a java issue.
    I personally check the pending page at least a dozen times as day as I have several traders trading at one time.

  5. There have been some pretty scary threads about this sort of thing. One last year was a guy who had a basket order re-sent after he canceled it and TWS ending up sending it later in the afternoon anyway. He ended up losing something like 50K on the unwanted trade. IB later settled with him from what I understand. Hopefully these issues have been resolved with the later versions of TWS, but checking periodically throughout the day and on TWS exit is still a good habit to develop.

  6. sporky


    ok...the warning is only there for open orders, not pending.

    I started using bracket trader and when you click CA, close all, on the dom to get out of a position apparently it doesn't cancel the bracket orders too. maybe there's an option to do so.

    i'll have to make a habit of checking the pending tab.

    thx y'all