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  1. Several days now I've noticed that the P&L reported by IB's TWS is incorrect. I keep a journal in excel and I'm finding descepencies daily. Today I had a profit of $1200 and IB says I have a profit of $900.

    looking at the daily change it was up $600 so that doesn't explain it. I'm kind of stumped. I hope they're crediting my account with the real amount and not what TWS calculates. ;)

    Anyone else see this?

    Update: I just chatted with customer service and they said to that TWS P&L is for informational purposes only and that I should check the statement. I assume the statement will be correct and that this is a bug in TWS. I'll update tomorrow after I see the statement.
  2. which TWS version is this?
  3. 885.7, should be the latest or the avant latest. I always upgrade when prompted.
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    I've been having a discrepancy
    with their PnL for months, through multiple versions. I mentioned it to CS. They are aware of it and, at the time at least, had no plans to fix it.
  5. Thanks for the info. Have you verified that your statements are correct? I will do so tomorrow.

    It's a shame their P&L is incorrect. How hard could it be to get that right? I keep everything in an excel journal but still, I only update it after close.
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    The statements and account balances are accurate. It's just the intra day PnL.

    In my case, maybe 1 - 3 times a week, sometime after 2:pm and always immediately after a profitable trade the PnL will suddenly decline. When it should have increased. And then will remain lower than what it should for the remainder of the day.
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    Mark-to-Market ?
  8. Does it ever show a higher balance than it should, or always wrong to the downside?
  9. What P&L is incorrect? Are you talking about the P&L on the main TWS screen? Or are you talking about the P&L on the Account Page section of TWS?

    I have removed the former from my screen, so I can't comment on that. But the latter (the P&L in the account page) seems to be accurate.

    I'm using 885.2.

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    So far for me anyway it's always showed less than what it should. Dollar amounts vary widely from $25 to maybe $125 or so. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

    For clarification this is the overall Realized PnL on the Account window.

    Unrealized is always accurate as well an individual underlying unrealized and realized PnL.
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