IB TWS overnight login issue

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Shadetree42, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Anyone else having an issue where TWS pops a up notice that says failed login repeatedly between ~12:20 - 12:30 am ET? I've been using for 10 years and know that the app has a server reconnect during this time, but I have not seen this issue until about a week ago.

    To clarify, TWS is open, the gridlines turn pink (as they normally do), and I repeatedly get a pop up saying failed login, despite the fact that I am already logged in. I.e., I never actually enter any credentials. Tonight, it did it enough that it locked my account. My TWS restart time is 8am ET, so that is not the issue.
  2. trend2009


    i have a failed login this morning. first time of 10 years.
  3. pstrusi


    If you're using IB for more than 10 yrs, clearly you must be aware that they reset their servers at that time ( 12:00am until 12:20 aprox, it varies sometimes ) . So, it's normal you see some disconnection ( pink lines...etc ) until it reconnects automatically. But you might have some issue, if after your login in the pc, you try to access your account on their web site or phone app, then when they reset their serves, you will be asked to re-login.
  4. Well aware of when and how the server reset occurs (did you even read my post?), and of course I am not logging in from any other device.

    The new TWS is trying to re-authenticate during the server reset and failing for some unknown reason. If you dismiss the pop-up alert, it will try again and again until you get locked.