IB TWS order management question.

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    I'm trying to realize this setup for some time already, but didnt find any solution yet. It would be great if someone could help.

    - I want to sell a particular stock to go short at the open by using an OPG market order.

    - Calculated from the actual entry price I want to send a LMT order with a 2% profit target.

    - If that profit target isnt reached, the position should get closed at the end of the day with a MOC order.

    Much thanks in advance!
  2. here is how this would be accomplished in tradelink (free and open source, works with IB and 16+ other brokers and feeds) :

    public class MyStrategy : ResponseTemplate
       // enable profit and stop management
       OffsetTracker ot = new OffsetTracker();
       PositionTracker pt = new PositionTracker();
       void GotOrderCancel(long id) { ot.GotCancel(id); }
       void GotFill(Trade t) { ot.Adjust(t);  pt.Adjust(t); }
       // do strategy init
       void Reset()
            // set up your targets
            ot.SendOrderEvent+=new OrderDelegate(sendorder);
            ot.SendCancelEvent += new LongDelegate(sendcancel);
            ot["IBM"] = new OffsetInfo(BarListImpl.DayFromAny("IBM").RecentBar.Close*.02m,0,1,0);
            // send entry order
            Order o = new BuyLimit("IBM",100,150); 
            o.TIF = "OPG";  // you may need to enable OPG support in IB connector in tradelink
       void GotTick(Tick k)
             // enforce end-of-day order
             if (k.time>155900)  
                 sendorder(new MarketOrderFlat(pt[k.symbol]));
                 isValid = false;
    google tradelink project or tradelink.org for more info