IB TWS on an Apple Macbook?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DisciplinedHedg, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Does anyone use TWS on the Mac?

    Is the TWS for the Mac identical to the Windows version?

    Are the system settings from a Windows TWS that are stored on the IB server also able to be loaded onto the Mac TWS?
  2. Yes, use it all the time. Never used the Windows one, so I can't tell you from personal experience that they are identical. It is Java, though, so I suspect they're the same, otherwise what would the point...
  3. Have been using TWS on Mac for about a year, also on Windows, seems to work about the same. TWS settings are stored in xml, and I've found it easy to move settings from one computer to another--mac to windows no problem. Look under the "File" menu in TWS (I think that's where it is), there are commands for saving settings and loading settings, just use "Save as" to capture the current settings on one machine, then load them on another.

    Edit--Sorry, I see I didn't answer your question about settings stored on the server, no experience there.
  4. Yes, of course. You can use those settings on Windows, OSX, Linux, Unix, whatever.
  5. drenaud


    I have tried running TWS on my Macbook. TWS seems to freeze and become unresponsive.

    I don't see how I can get anything but Apple's version of Java.

    I am running OS X with 8gb of memory.

    Any ideas on what I can try?