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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by kiwi_trader, Oct 27, 2010.

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    could be handy for many IB users because today,just like an annual prostate exam, my favored message did pop up after login into TWS-forced upgrade. TWS must be >901+ something.
  2. Is this one single click?
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    Thanks Kiwi! Farewell dear 894.4 :(
  4. Bob111


    i would appreciate some respond from IB regarding sharing old versions(i did ask this question many times before-no respond)
    can we post the links to various,older builds of standalone TWS?

    still don't understand,why it's so hard for IB to provide the links to all previous releases of TWS on their website.
  5. umm they want to promote the latest and greatest version with all the new spiffy stuff. What's not to get.
  6. Bob111


    the latest and greatest been withdrawn several times from Ib web page and rolled back to previous one..
  7. Bob111


    another forced upgrade by IB! second in last two months! where is the fucking end of it? can you just come up with ONE..ONE single,NORMAL ,STABLE version WITHOUT the fucking bugs? can you just stop adding BS,useless features that doesn't' work and nobody needs them anyway, but because of this nonsense looks all of us have to struggle every single fucking month..different versions posted on site,withdrawn,changed,not consistent builds..where is the fucking end of this madness? I DON'T like a new versions...none of them..nothing but endless,useless distraction..pop ups..messages...fuck this...

    which one of those fucked up piece of shit stand alone versions is the fucking relatively stable?

    Thank you!
  8. LeeD


    IB hasn't "forced" an upgrade for a couple of years now. Whenever an automatic upgrade is offered on computer restart you can always choose not to upgrade. In fact, if this bothers you you can always remove "Check for TWS Updates" from Startup folder in the Start menu.

    I don't understand people who always upgrade to the latest "greatest" version and then complain about bugs or undesirable feature changes. TWS is like any other software. You only upgrade if the new version:
    1) fixes bugs you experience, or
    2) adds features you need.

    Regarding stability, I haven't had issues with crashes or freezing for quite a while. However, if I experience Internet disconnection, sometimes TWS charts don't update any more after TWS reconnects.
  9. Starting on the 7th of December, they're discontinuing all versions below 906 (the one that requires to click on a confirmation box for any trade through the DOM.

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