IB/TWS - No T/S for ES,NQ.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rcj, May 11, 2008.

  1. rcj


    Heads up IB. Same thing as couple of wks ago.

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  2. Same problem here. Last time (couple weeks ago) it was the NQ & ER2 giving volume problems. Hopefully they fix it by morning
  3. rcj


    Yep. Actually problm occured 3 times i know of during
    the last 2 mo.
    TWS would give t/s data thru its chart window but wouldnt
    stream transaction vol thru QT.

    It's working here as of 5 min ago.

  4. rcj


    I spoke tooo soon. Problem has returned.
  5. Mine hasn't. Still no info on ES NQ ER2 EUR JPY. This has happened at least 3x since last month. Quite annoying and no bulletin or anything.
  6. Syprik


    Same issue here. I'm in small since the open as well. About to close the position out.
  7. rcj


    Hey IB guys .......YO......

    No T/S passed to QUOTE TRACKER.......
  8. rcj


    Will ya get this fixed, guys.

    Its been 5 hrs!!
  9. I've been unable to log onto 884 for two mornings, and this morning, the prior 883 (883.3?) bounced me the first time.

    No known material change on my computer, I was hoping to find something here. I wonder if perhaps the problems with market data you guys have written of is part of the same issues...?

    I can say that 884 took up much less RAM and seemed quicker for the few days it ran. (Ooo, gee!)
  10. rcj



    No problem logging on here(US server). I suspect the other guys
    that responded here would have mentioned any logon problem.

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