IB TWS/MetaServerRT to chart w/ TS2000i?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by vvisavis, Jul 27, 2002.

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    I heard that one can use InteractiveBrokers' TWS together with MetaServerRT to chart w/ TS2000i? Can anybody guide me on how to set this up?

    Thank you in advance. :)
  2. Me too, I am looking for the same set-up with TS200i

    Come on guys there must be at least one IB/TS user here :)

  3. Martin W

    Martin W

    Here the english version: :)

    With the help of some german boards I could install the chain IB-Excel-MetaServer(Demo) an take it into operation. Everything is running well (except that the MetaServer seems to utilize the CPU for 100%)
    My only problem (at the moment) is, that the data from the MetaServer isn't available in the TradeStation (GlobalServer).
    I've tried the symbols "AX", "AX U2" and "AX U2-DT" on both sides but without any results. The trading times are set to 23 hours a day to avoid problems from this side.

    Has anyone a hint? :confused:
  4. Maxito


    Very nice and polite come back on an uncalled for slam! Thanks for your input and taking the time to translate your message into English for all of us that only read one language.:)
  5. I Think you were quite out of line and are the one who should apologize to him using unrelated history as a basis to fall on him
  6. A_B


    Configuring MSRT for IB TWS is quite easy.

    First we should assign unique id for the symbol. Then request quotes for this id. To do this we can use unnecessary field in the MSRT config, for example, Ask record to send to the TWS the command "assign id for the symbol".

    Symbol name should be the same as in the TS2000i Global Server.
    DDE Server = TWS user name
    DDE topic = tik

    Attached pictures show the example:
    user name = edemo
    symbol name = ES U2 (September E-mini S&P)
  7. A_B


    How to set id using Ask record
  8. A_B


    To start MSRT press green button.

    Configure Global Server as for eSignal (DBC Online).
    Make symbol "Connected".
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  9. Creamers


    HI guys.........

    Great work with metaserver and TWS.....!!!!!!

    But I still got one problem

    It seem that some ticks from metaserver are not correct.
    Like: 890 looks in the chart as 8.90

    Possible that metaserver converts 890.00 to 890 and that tradestation converts this to 8.90 ????
    And what about zero ticks...like 0.00 ???

    Does anyone had the same problem??
    I hope someone can help me out....

    greetings from the netherlands,
  10. Creamers


    Look at this : )-:
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