IB TWS + Macbook Pro 2018 Issues

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  1. I have IB TWS (Trader Workstation) on a Macbook Pro 2018 (loaded i9, 32gb RAM etc).

    The GUI is laggy, unresponsive, and downright buggy (opening a new window for example flickers and flashes before showing up) and sometimes tear-off windows get stuck in between monitors ( 2x4k displays ).

    I'm just assuming this is symptomatic of their use of Java + Swing (I'm a software engineer so I'm assuming I recognize the types of interface)

    I'm wondering if I switch to a Windows PC + a more powerful graphics card I would have fewer issues? Before I go out and spend the money though I'd like to get others opinions on TWS + Windows PC and see if they're having graphics issues as well?

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    I have a 2018 i9 Macbook pro with 32Gb as well. I do not run TWS daily on it but do have a backup installed.
    I just ran it to test, and did not get any of your symptoms, everything is fast and reponsive, although i cant say if things would still be like that after 8 hours also i did not have multi monitors during my quick test.
    Which version of the tws, jdk and macos are you running?
    I am running tws 972.1, jdk 1.8.191 and Mojave (10.14).
  3. @southall (974.4e, jdk 1.8.0_162-b12, Mojava 10.14.1)
  4. Can't speak for Mac but Re PCs you don't need a powerful video card. In fact cards that only support 2D are fully sufficient. I have an 810 NVS card which drives 8 screens.

  5. Thinking about it - I maybe running Java 1.8 instead of Java 1.9, I will try to update the JRE and see what happens.
  6. I recall that for PC it is advised to increased the maximum memory size (RAM) which may be used by TWS. It is set by default to approximately 700~800 MB and the advice is to increase this to 1.5~2 GB.
    Could it be that you need to do something similar on a Macbook? I don't have such a computer myself thus have not been able to try this out.
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  7. TWS brings its own version of Java when you install TWS on your computer. You don't need to install Java separately as TWS will not use it.
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    Yes the OP probably cant change the java version easily.
    I start my TWS from the command line so i can change the version it uses.
    It might not fix the problem anyway.

    This flickering and flashing i have seen reports of before at my workplace, on a different java application they have created but running on High Sierra Macs. It was only happening to a few people. I was not able to reproduce that issue on my mac laptop either.
  9. This happened to me too. I noticed that it occurs when having a pre-installed Java runtime. Best to in install everything Java runtime related including leftover folders and just install tws. That worked for me

  10. Do you have any software related to window position and resizing, such like Magent, installed and running on your Mac?

    I know this sounds ridiculous. But I got the same Macbook as you do. 2018 i9, 32G. And exactly same issue. From installation the NEXT button is unresponsive. When using UI button randomly freezing the whole application, and many icons just useless. The whole application just not in a usable stage.

    Believe me I tried everything. Install different versions of Java, change memory size, non of them works. Until I quit the Magent, which I use to position and resizing windows. And suddenly TWS works like a charm, fast and smooth.

    The same issue also happens on ThinkorSwim platform, which also use Java. I guess Java just don't play well with Magent.

    That been said, if you don't have Magnet, here is my suggestion:
    1. Download that ThinkorSwim, which also written in Java, and just see if that works. You even don't have to install it. Just run the install wizard, and if the "Next" button is not very responsive, you know it will have the same issue.
    2. Quit all your background applications. Try run TWS in a clean Mac environment. And see if it works. Or maybe just reset the Mac to factory setting if that won't mean tons of trouble for you.
    3. If TWS do work with a clean Mac, than you can start install your other backgournd apps back one by one, and see which will cause trouble.

    So may or may not this work for you. Hope it will help.
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