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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Atlantic, May 19, 2006.

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    i made a new installation of tws on a new computer - but still there are several obscure messages in the log file. i wonder if anyone knows what they mean:

    1. "C:\JTS\dcjeurwgv\user.ini does not exist"

    2. "Market rule file C:\JTS\dcjeurwgv\Tue.rul does not exist or is removed"

    3. "JHelp Err: missing help tag for object: jhotkey.bu" (+ many similar...)

    4. "Warning: Can't find a valid mnemonic for menu item [Insert Row]" (again + many similar)

    5. "AWT-EventQueue-0: Dead: exch=AMEX sym=SPY type=STK exp=*" (this is really funny - i never traded SPY !!)

    i'd like to know if anyone else ever had such messages and if you think or know whether these are actually a problem or not. (cs so far unable to help me)

    many thanks!
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  3. Best to ask IB tech support, but here's my comments for free

    The first two messages are nothing to worry about. I get them all the time, and basically only use TWS for the API.

    The others look a bit odd to me. My recommendation is to download a new copy of TWS, reinstall it and contact IB tech support if you are still concerned. I'm next to certain that they are not due to a defective Java installation.
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    thank you for your answer. i did a brand new installation on a brand new computer - java is version 5 update 5 - it came with the computer.
  5. One other comment. Memory problems on PCs can sometimes exhibit themselves in the strangest ways. If the PC is new, it may just be possible there is some kind of memory problem. Get a copy of memtest86 (download for free) and run it for several hours on the PC when you don't need to use the machine for something else.