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  1. Is this true that even with market subscriptions that the TWS level 2 quotes screen doesn't display along its side a printout of all the trades in a given security as the prints go off??? like a cash registar showing 200 shares AAPL at 259.12, then 100 shares at 259.13, then 1000 shares at say 259.15 etc. ???

    Never seen a platform that doesn't show that:confused:

    As a matter of fact I ususally look at the rate of the prints going off as an indicator of market activity/vol.

    Just talked to customer service who seemed unaware of what I was even talking about......although I have found them very helpful and curteous any time I have called in before. There must be some market subscription I haven't yet paid for that activates the prints data as I don't have nasdaq total view or NYSE open book yet as I've always used other platforms.

    Any help appreciated
  2. If I understand you correctly, what you're looking for is called "Time and Sales" in IB and is a different window from depth of market. You don't need any subscription.

    I have it as a button on the toolbar and I have already closed the TWS, but I think is somewhere in the Information tools menu (you'll also see the symbol in any chart - something like a clock and a dollar sign).

    Hope it helps.
  3. Thanks for the help: I'll look closer. I'm used to time & sales being a page you bring up AFTER the fact to look at all the prints that occured at the various prices throughout the day......whereas what I'm talking about is the Live Prints right as they happen
  4. In IB the T&S updates in real time (you can also see the old ones, though)
  5. and you can link the time & sales window to the "untitiled" page(watchlist) so the T&S udates every time you click on a different symbol?