IB TWS layout nightmare

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  1. Asking if others are having this same issue.

    Custom layout. Applied to multiple tabs.

    Near impossible to keep the columns from farking up , too small, too wide, any time you tweak any page.

    Doesn't matter if you set 'fit columns to page' or not.

    Ongoing issue. Instead of useless horseshit like voice commands, they should be fixing obvious stuff like this. Maybe their ex options traders can chip in.
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    You surely love to bitch about a whole lot of stuff. I have 8 screens, several of which are used with a multi monitor tws setup. No problems with any layouts for years. If you can in detail describe what the actual problem is and not just bitch then maybe someone can help you.

  3. I have the same column resizing issue, unbelievably frustrating
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    When does the problem occur and how can the error be reproduced? Please provide a step by step walkthrough that leads to the problem.

  5. Reload yesterday's settings file if you can't fix it yourself manually. Column layout can be a bit screwy at times, but if you get something you like, my advice is don't fool with it since it seems to get applied to other tabs sometimes even if that's not what you want.
  6. Agree that the column width will change over time with no intentional adjustment. I find it better to make the columns fixed-width.
  7. I know IB is incredibly sophisticated and a great trading system, but jfc, why has it always been so butt ugly and convoluted?
  8. I didn't think I needed your permission to complain about a long term platform problem. Are you the judge and jury over such matters?
  9. I just rebuilt a FRESH install and it started to act up within days. I've gone long periods where it was not much of an issue.

    I examined the xml file, and they use a pretty convoluted scheme. I think the problem is not in the xml, but the internal code that manages column widths. IB simply has a buggy system that they need to fix.
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    no, but you and a few sub 100 post count people seem to be the only ones to have problems. You have until now not described in detail how this "error" can be reproduced. Either it is not an error and simply oversight on your end or you are not interested in actual solutions. Which led me to guess that your main motivation was to complain.

    I have used columns as part of custom layouts for years and never had an issue, regardless of screen resolution, font size, monitor size, ....


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