IB TWS Java 6 Beta 10 .... Anyone have Bulletin problem?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stock777, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. I'm not receiving bulletins lately in TWS with the above mentioned Java version (the latest) and the latest TWS 885.2 stand alone.

    Has anyone else running this Java version had this problem?

    I've seen no other problem but this.
  2. IB has never even endorsed Java 6 version 1....nor 2, nor 3, nor 4....etc, etc.
    Get it ?
    TWS is supposed to run under JVM 5.11.
  3. I'm using TWS 885.2 standalone with Java 1.6 beta 10.

    No problem getting bulletins either yesterday or today (I downloaded 885 yesterday).

    I haven't looked, but perhaps there's something that turns off bulletins in the "configure" tab.

    One thing I noticed about 885 is that I had to make a few adjustments. For instance, it added P&L to my screen, which wasn't there before. I had to reconfigure my layout by deleting P&L.

  4. Oldtrader, just checked and I did get a bulletin at 21:05. (A repeat of the margin one).

    I suspect it might have something to do with me turning off 'flash bulletin'. I turned it back on after I noticed the issue. I had not received any of those notices from 12pm on.

    Not likely to be a Java issue, but who knows.
  5. I have been getting bulletins.

    I'm on 885.2 with on WinXP and 64bit on Windows Server 2008 64bit.

    I would advise downloading b27 because there have been a lot of minor bugfixes since we originally discussed moving to 10.

    You can get the latest updates from