IB TWS issues last couple of days...

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by risktaker, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. I've been having a problem with crossed quotes in last 15 minutes of today and yesterday where many issues have a higher bid than ask and thus TWS does not execute any trades. Yesterday I had this happen in 6 stocks, today in about 20.

    Anybody know if this might be a glitch with TWS? I'm using the latest version (867) since this began. I'm being forced to keep unwanted positions overnight as a result.

    Also, if any IB guy is reading this, the new page tabs are cool but it's hard to switch from one page to another...you have to click the tabs sometimes 2-3 times to get on the right page.
  2. why would TWS not let you trade if the spread is negative?
  3. Well, it's only showing the quotes crossed but I don't really know if it was an IB TWS issue or if there were data problems at the exchanges. It's just strange the same issue has happened twice towards the close in the last couple of days right after I upgraded to the latest version.

    In the past though, crossed quotes usually mean't bad quotes from the exchanges, so...

  4. TWS totally useless in the last hour.
  5. No problems here.
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    Had exactly the same problem myself both today and yesterday, but a lot worse today in last hour of trading. Currently holding a large number of positions I wanted to get out off before the close, fortunately am reasonably hedged!

    Think it is something to do with frozen Island quotes on the TWS. IB need to sort this out so doesn't happen in future.
  7. I was plagued by problems with magenta orders, requiring me to restart TWS repeatedly and to go through painful troubleshooting, and then, during the last hour of trading, QQQQ quotes for SMART, INET, and Direct Trade were totally screwed.

    I'll say it again: IB, please stop putting your resources into the never-ending parade of new bells and whistles, many of which never work well enough to be used in actual practice, and instead concentrate your precious resources on your ABCs:
    A) getting the data to stream,
    B) getting the orders to execute, and
    C) getting the execution reports to transmit!

    IB did achieve very high reliability, for a time, but it seems to have fallen off the wagon and again gotten way too pre-occupied with bells and whistles.

    One of the first recommendations to be officially adopted, in IB's new features poll, was a suggested policy change that IB should put high priority on getting old features to work, and low priority on adding new features. IB officially adopted this suggested policy change, but does not seem to follow it's own policy.

    IB customers, please contact IB and politely, calmly, constructively urge them to stop with the new bells and whistles, until they can get the old staples reliable!
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    Anyone having problems right now placing globex trades (no acknowledgements from orders placed), or accessing their account screen from TWS (view->account does not open account window)?
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    Yes, I had to restart TWS, seems to have cleared it up. Lame that nothing on the TWS screen gave me any indication of a problem.
  10. yup, same problem here. Rebooted, the same thing.
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