IB TWS is very slow to turn an order to green

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jetq, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. jetq


    anyone has this problem, it probably take three seconds or more, it used to take less than one second.
  2. IB is "hard at work" and are not being "LAZY" with their effort to fix your problem.

    I'm sure one of the IB guys will pop in here and give you an explination *cough excuse* as to why this is happening, and then send you on your way without a care.

    That is IB for ya.
  3. I had this problem on occasion this week

    during the daytime ... so I now do most of my trading overnight

  4. the whole system is having problems,jetq.i have the same issue. i think i'll quit for today:cool:
  5. bpl1000


    yes, I have had this problem for the past couple days- but I haven't had problems getting my orders filled.
  6. I have been noticing some quirks for quit some time, at first I thought I was my virus detection running in the background causing this slowwwwww order execution. As it turned out that was not the problem, and biased on all the complaints here it appears it is something major.

    I have always hated IB order entry, but stayed with them. Now I am looking for alternatives.
  7. Glad I red this posts, was looking at their site last night looking to open an new account, Hmmm...

    Wonder if XPressTrade is any better
  8. The current problems are an extremely unusual departure from normal conditions at IB. I think that once they are resolved, IB will be your best bet. I'm sure there are a large number of other IB customers who would agree with me on this.
  9. What is your capacity at IB ? ( occupation there)
  10. No occupation or employment relationship whatsoever. I am only a customer. I speak about IB because I believe it is in my interest to do so. If IB does something that is good for its customers, I want customers to praise IB for moving in the right direction, so that IB will continue to move in the right direction in the future. This is important, because most brokers have a totally different approach than IB, one which is vastly inferior for their customers, and does not concentrate on meeting the needs of serious traders. If I see IB move in the wrong direction on a particular issue, then sometimes I will attempt to provide constructive criticism. IB has been moving toward conducting more and more of an ongoing dialogue with its customers, and I think this greatly enhances the quality of what IB does. I try to make my own contribution to that ongoing dialogue.
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