IB TWS is the most confusing trading platform I have seen

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by 4DTrader, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Only people who are deeply confused could design that kind of confusing platform. Total idiots!!!
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    when i first started, i also did not like the design at all. i thought it was stupid. but now, i have gotten used to it. i use only some features and leave it at that.

  3. I agree. There's a total idiot here.

    Guess who.

  4. Well, there are a lot of "total idiots" that use IB TWS on here. It does take getting used to but I would not consider it confusing at all once you've had a chance to use it awhile. I've been using TWS since 2003. Count me in as a "confused idiot" I guess.
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    Same with me and the wife
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    I do believe, you, as an intelligent and decisive investor/trader, has the power to exercise choice.
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    If you think TWS is confusing, try TOS. You are probably the idiot here, since IB really goes out of their way to educate pikers like you to learn TWS.
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    I have been using IB for over 8 years, since before there was a TWS, and all of IB's trading software has been cutting edge and a pleasure to use. When IB released TWS, I thought TWS was not equal to the previous IB trading software which I thought was great. So, I continued to use the previous software until IB quit supporting it. I then started using TWS and found it to be even better and TWS has continued to get better ever since with many capabilities. I would expect it would take a new TWS user a week or two to get TWS setup and become comfortable with the parts of TWS they will be using. I say one should spend some time using TWS before deciding TWS is too complex. After proper setup, TWS can do what needs to be done in a very fast and direct way.
  9. As proven on every other IB discussion he's been involved in 4D is a bit of a twat. Actually that's too soft. Hes an absolute wanker.

    So his opinion on anything is worth zilch.

    Actually, I wonder if he's a shill bought in by IB to make outrageously stupid negative claims so that experienced traders will jump in and defend them. Now there's a conspiracy theory. :p
  10. That must be it , no one could actually be that dumb.
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