IB TWS hogging up CPU anyone?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by misctrader, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. You guys noticed that TWS is hogging up your CPU or is it just my setup???

    Basically, I've noticed over the last week, a process called javaw.exe is taking from 81-99% of my cpu! Making it impossible for me to trade quickly.

    I'm assuming that process is TWS related because when I shut that down that process goes away.

    Is that has to do with the new upgrade? i'm using
    Build 797.4 2003/06/13 10:50


  2. gnome


    CPU/Memory/Resources hogging is always a potential issue with software. If you used an earlier build and it was OK, you could revert back. In any event notify the vendor.
  3. chisel


    I run two TWS at the same time on 1 computer. Java uses about 3-20% of cpu (AMD 1800xp). Same build (797.4) as yours.
  4. Well, I finally got a hold of IB tech spport. Apparently, the problem they said is multi-monitors(???). So, if I move the TWS window to the the primary monitor then the CPU problem would go down, which it did.

    But then when I move the TWS back to the offending monitor the CPU usage remained low.

    So, this implies that i have to change my monitor layout so that IB TWS ALWAYS stay on the primary screen. Else I would be in positiosn and the TWS would hang then that would bea big problem. Which has happened to me before. doh!

  5. chisel


    On my TWS setup, I have two monitors with a TWS on each one. Video card is a Matrox G200 quad. I also ran them with a G550 with no problems either.
  6. I have Matrox too! And that's for my 2 monitors.

    Then I just added a THIRD monitor and that's where my TWS sits. I think that's where the problem lies. That video card is a PCI since I only have 1 AGP port. Perhaps that's where hte problem is?!
  7. chisel


    Can't answer that one. As you probably know, the G200 is a pci card and the G550 is AGP, so either slot worked for me.
  8. alanm


    Did you search for this problem on the IB discussion board? It sounds a little familiar. The solution may have been something like moving TWS to the main screen and back again, or always launching it on the main screen and then moving it to the second one.

    Also try disabling DirectDraw (search here on ET or on IB board for "noddraw").

    I successfully run multiple TWSs on multiple screens on a nVidia GeForce4 Ti4200MX.
  9. sounds very much like a graphics card issue.

    (pls. google for it, I think -noddraw=true)

    I believe strongly this will fix your problem.