IB TWS hang twice this afternoon

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by zxcv1fu, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. zxcv1fu


    The datafeed in TWS stopped, I did not realize until a few minutes later both time. Had trouble to close TWS both times also.

    Anyone has the same problem today?

    How do you find out?

    Why did it?
  2. zxcv1fu


    I have the latest XP Pro & TWS is 847.8 w/ Java 1.5.0_02. Bracket Trader is 05.0620 which is buggy.

    All are latest bleeding edge!
  3. Did you happen to notice whether your "Market data" indicator button (bottom right side of TWS workspace, next to the clock) changed from green background color to yellow or red? That's one way to tell.
  4. kowboy


    Yes there were interruptions on the feed. This newest TWS standalone has problems. Some of the hotkeys won't work. Level II quotes stick and you've got to log out and back in to unstick. And the two day charts crash and don't auto refresh.
  5. TGM


    I am using the latest version. It lagged data on a couple symbols for me today as well.

    I use Ensign and the auto log in used to work well. I have Ib logging off and Ensign logging it back in. Not anymore! This latest version has some bugs.

    Another thing, I made the mistake and opened up optiontrader and looked at the new analytic. WOW does that slow things down! It was sucking down resources big time.

    Ib you got some bugs in this version.
  6. zxcv1fu


    I think it was green. Did not have option anything open.

    I was lucky that both times I was flat. Was talk to a friends to take a break since I traded more today.