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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by GeorgeSoros, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    Here are some new ideas I would like to see in a future version of TWS (I copy this to IB management too).

    1. (option) TWS always start minimized as an icon in the right corner of the task bar

    2. (option) TWS icon in the right corner of the task bar gets animated: turn green when a buy order is executed, turn red when a sell order is executed. yellow will be connected but no order, dark will be connection problem. ? on the icon will appear when a new bulletin is received...

    3. of course when you click on the icon, TWS GUI appears.

    4. when you put your mouse on the icon, account # and total PnL is displayed.

    This mode is interesting for people accessing IB API only.
  2. Def, no comment on this one ?

  3. "This mode is interesting for people accessing IB API only. "

    Or for people trying to trade at work, which is something you should not be doing. Not good for your trading and not good for your employment prospects in this stingy labor market.

  4. I would be more interested in getting it to fill your orders. I get missed daily when I trade.

    I can't get to excited about interfaces if they don't improve fills.

  5. I bet good money that any fills you miss are your fault.

    How much you want to bet?
  6. John, can you please give some specific details as to what happened with specific orders, and what kind of explanation you got from customer service, so that we can understand exactly what is going wrong, and who is at fault? If you can provide this info, it will likely benefit both yourself, and anybody else concerned about quality of order execution.
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    didn't see your post but I'm not sure what I can comment on with this one. Can't all this be done by yourself with FIX programming or just directly programming to the API and minimizing the TWS? Not a bad idea but I think there are a number of greater things coming that are on the plate that this would be on the back burner.


    As Jim Rockford request, please post some details or better yet, PM me or send a request to the help desk with a specific example of a fill you believe you should have had. We can review your audit trails in detail and hopefully pinpoint and explain exactly what is happening (and hopefully prove) is just the way the markets work and once again gain your full confidence.