IB TWS - Freezing & Crashing

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  1. JackRab


    8 Gb sounds like a lot... maybe a bit less it better? I've got it on 2G with 16GB mem (windows 10)... I found that allocating too much to TWS makes the whole system a bit unstable.

    A lot of live charts open makes it run patchy... How many chart do you run at any given time? Maybe limit some?

    Are all o your drivers up to date?
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  2. iprome


    Thanks for your reply, JackRab.

    I actually tried 2GB and 4GB max heap space as well, but my experiences were similar. When frozen, the memory usage of TWS easily shot up to 16GB~24GB (see attached). It looks like memory leaks or thread deadlock alike to me...

    I have many programs installed on this Mac, including more resource-demanding photo and video editing software, but TWS is so far the only one that give me such headaches, and I almost always have to kill the TWS process manually...

    I sent the diagnosis info to TWS developers from within the program a few times, but I see little hope for a fix, given how bloated this program is.

    IIRC, certain versions I used in 2016 were way efficient and less sluggish. But I cannot find where to download them now.
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  3. JackRab


    wow.... 16-24 gb usage... I don't even get close to 2 GB... I think you might have too much stuff open. I don't use a Mac, so maybe it's related to that though.
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  4. IB themselves advise to not go beyond 2 GB for the TWS maximum heap size.

    Having said that, I also experience regular freezes of TWS. Even on a Sunday afternoon, when there are no markets open and all data is therefore stable. I have three bar charts open. It mostly happens in two situations: (a) when I add a new symbol or contract to a monitor window. Or (b) when I did a what-if order on one instrument and then click on another instrument.
    In such cases do I have to manually kill the TWS process. Operating system is Ubuntu 16.04.
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  5. JackRab


    I've got 12 charts open... unless it's a very fast market, I'm totally fine with my 2G allocation. And I have a slower computer compared with @iprome

    So I don't know how on earth one would get a usage of even close to 10Gb...

    This is my current reading, current use of 629Mb. (>Help>About TWS)
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