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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by $$$lover, May 31, 2006.

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    HI all:

    Anyone use IB TWS for FX if so how do I get the fields of high/low and last populated ....plz....thanks..........
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    You can't. :)

    IB only publishes BBO (Best bid and offer) from their liquidity providers. Using the booktrader you can see the market depth of the liquidity providers. But not volume or last.

    That's why if you use stops the trigger method is based off the bid(for buy stops) or ask(for sell stops) and not on last.

    See, IB is not a market maker. If they were, they would simply publish all their counterparty activity such as high/low/last. IB acts in the capacity of an ECN. They simply match your order with the liquidity providers (Duetsche bank, UBS, Bear stearns, JPMCHase, etc. and also between customers). Each one of these liquidity providers have their own High/Low/last because they all act as a counterparty/market maker.

    You can get High/Low/Last off charts offered through daily FX. Many are free.


    Or from here...


    There's others but this should set you on the right path.
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    much appreciated.....thanks.