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  1. Has anyone used the IB TWS for a MAC? I just got off the phone with the apple store and b/f I drop $11k on 2 powermac's and 8 (overpriced) monitors, it would be great to hear from someone who might be willing to share good/bad experiences running TWS on a MAC.

    Def? IBsoft? It would be great if you guys have any input if there are any known differences b/t the tws downloads for windows or mac.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    I've got a mac at home. Love it - those mac monitors are fantastic
  3. I have traded off both ... not much difference for my needs ..

    8 monitors ? whoa ... I only use 1 monitor

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    btw, let me know how you hook up more than 2 monitors per mac (i think you need an additional card) and how that works.

  5. Thanks def, seth

    I'm already feeling much more comfortable with the purchase! Apparently it just takes an additional radon card ($199). The standard card is a dual, so the extra card is supposed to get me to 4 monitors. I'll let you know how it works,
  6. Aside from a certain imbedded community of loyal users, I think that someone that chooses Macs must have some over-riding reason for doing so. Almost all the software and hardware I come across (I'm secretly an EE and do a lot of process control, as in, how is your reactor doing today) show a few token offerings for Macs. Hardware, especially, is thin in suppliers. Software often carries all sorts of caveats about certain operating system versions and certain features that are not supported on Macs. Unless I had a collection of Mac t-shirts in my closet, I would certainly open the view window to include other foundations.
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    I'm quite curious to know what you're planning on using for a charting platform, would you mind discussing that a bit?

    At some point over the next year or two I'll likely be buying my first Mac, and the primary reason for doing so is security. Also, in terms of a general use platform, Mac OS easily handles my key requirements: web surfing, e-mail, MS Office.

    I've done a fair bit of research into the charting and trading platform side of things though, and the only charting packages I've seen thus far that would work on a Mac are Java-based (Quotestream, MarketCenter Live). MarketCenter Live beats Quotestream hands down (Quotestream's charting is a joke), but it still has many limitations (can't have more than one chart open at a time, options window is buggy, etc.).

    In the short-term I'm most likely to set myself up with a new PC with a couple of monitors to handle charting, gaming and general use, and then using an older PC as my trading PC (with nothing else on it at all aside from security/anti-virus software). So, how are you planning to handle charting on your Macs?
  8. I don't do a ton of charting. Sorry I can't be of more help on that one.

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    The IB charts will work on mac.
    Mac is basically unix based and if you know a bit about unix, there are all the tools available via the terminal windows making script writing etc easier. if you're just using the machine for the TWS and security is a concern, a linux box is a good choice as well.
  10. i agree why limit your options. get a mac to play with. get what has much software available to work with. the money you save on a pc and those monitors you can buy a mac for surfing ect. to each his own i guess.
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